James Bible Study Day 30

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Welcome to day 30 of our James Bible Study! We’re starting chapter 3 today! And to help you with your memory verse, I created a wordsearch for James 1:1-7. I hope you enjoy it and take the opportunity to engage your memory.

So, let’s discuss taming the tongue! Read verses 1-5. Why does James say that not many of us should become teachers?

Who stumbles in many ways? ALL of us! Trust me, I stumble a lot. You’re in good company here.

Oh, the tongue. It can be fueled by heaven or it can be fueled by hell. It’s our choice. And whoa the damage it can bring. Think about the last time your tongue got you into hot water. Journal about how you feel and think about that situation now. Maybe letting loose those words felt good in the moment, but do you have regret knocking on your door now?

What are some ways we can control our tongue? Why do you think the tongue is so powerful? 

God spoke the world into being. Sit on that thought for a few minutes. Clearly, being made in His image means the tongue comes with an enormous power and responsibility. Lord help me, my tongue gets me in so much trouble!

For your memory work today, I’ve created something different. I hope you have a little fun with it. It’s a word search for James 1:1-7. It is a pdf, so you can print it off – I will try to find a program I can create these in  so that you can do online as well, since I know some of you don’t have a computer.

Now, my challenge to you is to search for the words and phrases in order of the verses. Start with James, a servant of God… and continue on. *Take a picture of your completed word search, post it on the Facebook page,  and I might just have a little prize for you!

James 1:1-7 word search by Melinda Todd


Thanks for being part of this study! I love that each day I am challenged to sit down and do my homework and be in the word. What about you? Are you enjoying this challenge? Let me know in the comments.


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