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Instead, be filled with the Spirit, 19 speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit.  Ephesians 5: 18-19

While I want to encourage and enable deep conversations on Trailing After God, I do have a few ground rules that I expect everyone to adhere to because this site is about encouraging.  Disagreements often turn heated quickly and can be very hurtful.

By commenting on my blog, you agree to the following:

1.  You may comment by leaving a name and an email address.

2.  All comments are held for moderation.  Comments will not be approved for the following reasons – but not limited to: rude, snarky, vulgar, harassing, hateful, discouraging, abusive, libelous, profane, pornographic, false, misleading, advertisements, violates any law, or is otherwise inappropriate. Commenters who participate in these types of comments will be blocked from leaving further comments.  If you hate what you read here, it’s okay to click the little X and move on to a site that better fits your perspective.

3.  I retain the right to remove any content I deem inappropriate.  You are welcome to disagree with me politely but this is my blog and I am under no obligation to print your comments.  The First Amendment allows you to share your thoughts on your own blog, not mine.

4.  You may post anonymously.  Use a fake email address if you want – keep in mind you will still have the same IP address so you may be able to hide from the public but I can still see who you are.

I enjoy having intelligent conversations with kind and respectful people. The number one goal for this site is to encourage women who are or have suffered from abuse, depression, childhood hurts, and many other topics. If you are looking for a debate there are plenty of other sites willing to accommodate, this is not one of those sites. There is enough abuse in the world, including the Christian world, there’s really no need to perpetuate that here.



  1. Well said, might I snag it if i run into any situations over at ? I like how you worded this. I never thought of having to have one…sheesh!
    Connie Pilston Shoemaker recently posted..Do you have a fooljita Scale

  2. Mel, you don’t know me and I don’t know if I will be able to get to know you or not. I tend to reach out and then seclude myself. It is a roller coaster just keeping up with face book. I love it for a while and then I disappear off the planet.
    I just wanted to say that I appreciate your voice on topics that are very challenging to deal with. I have a few things in common with you and though I would never wish even my enemies to go through what I did, I am glad that I can relate to you. It is my burden and heart’s desire to help others by being open and telling my story, but I can’t seem to get there. All in God’s timing right, and of course His strength, because that is something I’m in lack of without Him.

    • Anne, thank you for sharing! When it’s the right time, God will use you. Don’t let the enemy get to you. I know it’s easier said than done. But I think he loves the opportunity past abuse allows him into our minds. Thank you for reaching out!

  3. I am so happy that you came over to my blog.I came here and I enjoyed your post.I feel like you are talking to me..we are having conversation.I will include your blog in my list to visit.Have a great week

  4. I have worked very hard to take myself off of an antidepressant I was on for 11 years. It has been 2 weeks now and I am an emotional train wreck. I am trying to get balanced emotionally but it is so difficult and the enemy is attacking like crazy. My husband is trying to understand but depression is not something he understands. I am now trying to get off another drug I was put on, {these things were prescribed after my first husband of 17 years had an affair with my ‘best’ friend and left my 3 boys and I for her.} Clonzapam is a horrible drug and painfully hard to get off of. I am down to a half sometimes a quarter. I am now taking St. Johns Wort and Sleep Slumber. Please pray that the enemy will LEAVE me alone! I willing fall into his traps of self loathing at times when that is not who I am !!! I know he is a liar and thief. I am so tired, so tired…………

    • Kristin, I’m so sorry. Yes, getting off those meds can be awful! I am praying for you. If you can, limit your sugar intake as well. It may or may not help you but it helps me a lot. Get your vitamin B and D as well. Every time you feel under attack, do as Beth Moore says, and say the name of Jesus over and over again. It’s amazing how FAST that works! I wish I had known that years ago. Praying for you sister. Keep me updated! ♥ Mel

  5. Returning the compliment Mel, your site intrigues me and I plan a slow leisurely read through it. Am adding you to my “Blog List” of good reading sites.
    Thanks again’
    His blessings,

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