James Bible Study Day 31

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Welcome to day 31 of our James Bible Study! Give yourself a pat on the back for accepting this challenge to study an entire book of the bible, bit by bit every single day! That takes serious commitment.

Today, we’ll look at 6-8 of James, chapter 3. Circle how many times James refers to fire in these 3 verses. In verse 6 James references fire 3 times. I think we can take him pretty seriously on this subject.

In verse 6 James says the tongue is set on fire by _____.

We can tame animals, but we cannot tame the tongue! Yikes!

So, what’s a girl to do?

Pray, my friend. Pray over these verses and ask God to help you tame your tongue.

Take it a step further and do a cross reference on the tongue in the bible. What else does God’s word say about it? Journal your findings and your thoughts. *Use biblegateway to do the cross referencing quickly. I’ve given you the link to the NIV version, but look at the other versions too. You’ll discover new things doing this and we’re looking for growth here, right?

Lord, we know we can’t tame our tongues on our own. Only your supernatural powers allow us to speak goodness and truth. And that is what we want to pour from our mouths. The sweetness of your Holy Spirit. Help us as we move about our daily lives to speak in love and hold our tongues on anything evil. Thank you for giving us your Holy Spirit and your Word to study. We love you. We pray these things in Jesus Name. Amen.

James 1:1-7 Memory Verses for James Bible Study

Continue your memory work. Write it out. Type it out. Speak it out loud. Do the work so you can reap the rewards! Keep you going because you are AWESOMESAUCE!


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