James Bible Study Day 6

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Welcome to day 6 of our James Bible Study! Today’s verses are good ones! Take them to heart and dig in! And learn a new way to study.

James1:5-6 by MelindaTodd

Today, I want you to use a method of study that Kay Arthur teaches. Go through the bible verses today and using a colored pencil, mark each word that coincides with the guide below. If you don’t want to mark up your bible, write out the bible verses in you James Bible Study worksheets and mark that up. *The Holy Spirit is supposed to be a blue cloud.

Study Your Bible

When you’re finished, bible verses 5-6 will look something like this. I know, not much to mark up this time, but if you’d like to, go back and mark up the rest of the verses we’ve studied so far.

James 1:5-6

Tidbits for Today’s verses:

  • Greek Translation for Wisdom – phronésis (fron’-ay-sis) – means: understanding (which leads to right action), practical wisdom, prudence.
  • Greek Translation of Ask – erótaó (er-o-tah’-o) – means: I ask (a question), question, (b) I request, make a request to, pray. erōtáō (from eromai, “ask”) – make an earnest request, especially by someone on “special footing,” i.e. in “preferred position.”

Have you been looking up the different bible versions of our verses? If not, let me encourage you to do so. The different wording and perspectives can sometimes unwrap a surprising gift for our souls. And look up the Greek Translations to really dig into what is being said. Nothing but blessings will come. I promise.

Continue to memorize verses 1&2 – fill in the blanks below!

James memory verses 1&2




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