Melinda Todd of Mel's Doodle Designs
I believe that each day we have a choice to start again. Not aiming for perfect, aiming for better!

Hi! I’m Mel.   

I’m chasing my dreams as an artist and creating fun things for the world to enjoy. I started this blog many years ago and it has now morphed into a place for my art work as well as my words! 

I write words. I create rad stuff.

Contact me at melindatoadatgmaildotcom – yes toad like a frog 🐸


  1. Hi!
    Glad you stopped by my blog yesterday…I realized as I was bouncing around your blog tonight, that I had READ your story before! The one about your dad…did you post that on InCourage one time? I loved that story then and love it still. Look forward to getting to know you thru blogging.
    Merry Christmas!

    • Yes, I sure did! It was in October that it was posted on their site and the follow up story is on my blog 🙂 Thank you for your kind words! Merry Christmas to you too Amanda! God bless ♥

  2. God Bless You Mel! I just published your comment on my blog and I appreciate you taking time to visit and give thanks, because that’s my encouragement.

    I also am deeply sorry for whatever the diagnosis you’ve been given and you’re in my prayers from this moment forward. I pray that everything you have to go through will be a smooth process, without pain or any level of suffering. I pray for you a quick recovery. Please also know you have a new friend here to chat with whenever you feel a need to vent or talk.

    Please keep me updated on how you’re doing…want to make sure you’re doing alright and if there’s something you need, pls let me know.

    Many Blessings,

    • Mandy, thank you so much! It’ll be an adjustment and I’m sure I’ll blog about it soon but just needing time to process first. Thank you for your precious comment and prayers! God bless you!

      In Him,

  3. Mel,
    Thanks for visiting my site recently. I am so sorry to hear about what is going on in your life. But as you commented on my blog, God is so merciful! I grew up in a very loving family, but when I married, I married someone who abused me physically and mentally. We also lost our first child a couple of days after he was born. But we were blessed with two more wonderful boys! I am no longer married to this man, but I am very thankful for the gift of our sons (who are now teenagers). What I am trying to say is that, without God’s grace and mercy, where would I be? I am sure you feel the same!

    I am praying for God’s blessings in your life right now and in the future, and I hope to get to know you through your blog (I’ll be following!).

    Merry Christmas!

    In Christ,


    • Teresa,
      Thank you! I will get through it, it’s just going to be a new journey in life that I will be permanently on. 🙂 I look forward to getting to know you! Merry Christmas!

  4. Thank you for visiting my site. I am delighted you did Mel, as I can catch up with the wonderful and encouraging posts on your site.

    God Bless you more, my Sister in Christ

  5. Hi Mel,

    I’ve sent a guest post to your inbox. Waiting for your feedback.


    Michael Asante recently posted..What the Holy Spirit Cannot Be

  6. Hi Mel!

    Thanks so much for your encouraging words you left today.

    And, for sharing your authentic journey, here — and the commitment to honesty that guides it.

    Many blessings in your writing and purpose!

    Big Hug–


  7. Hello Mel!

    A blogging friend of mine, Laura (http://lightenough.wordpress.com/) introduced to me another blog, Like a Team (http://www.likeateam.com/) that she just discovered. So I checked this “Like A Team” blog and scanned through the leadership articles. When I stumbled with “Micro-managing is a BIG Mistake For Leaders!” post, I also stumbled with your reply. Then that’s it, I followed your link.

    When I landed in your site, my jaws literally dropped—couldn’t believe what I was reading. You know I have been posting about forgiveness and grace. In fact those two topics are my most favorite topics. And now here I am reading a testimonies of its power.

    Author Philip Yancey is right, “The power of grace is different: unworldly, transforming, supernatural.”

    You are blessed by God despite your past. Now you are helping others to receive that same grace and blessing! I pray that you continue to be a channel of blessing to others!

    God bless you, your blogging ministry, and everyone that is touched by your heart!
    Arnold recently posted..Freedom

  8. Hi Mel, I have been following your blog for several weeks now and it has been an encouragement to me. Keep up the good work.
    Your friend in Christ.
    -Sandra Renee

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