31 Days Of Depression

31 Days of Depression

Day One ~ Warning! I don’t care!

Day Two ~ Step Out Of Yourself

Day Three ~ Prepare For The Journey

Day Four ~ Can I be depressed and a Christian?

Day Five ~ Give Up

Day Six ~ Get Lost

Day Seven ~ Worship

Day Eight ~ Laugh

Day Nine ~ Reach Out

Day Ten ~ Journal the Journey

Day Eleven ~ Read

Day Twelve ~ Guard Your Self

Day Thirteen ~ No One Fights Alone

Day Fourteen ~ Tune It Around

Day Fifteen ~ Baby Steps To Joy

Day Sixteen ~ Be Thankful Then Act

Day Seventeen ~ Escape With Friends

Day Eighteen ~ Learn Something New or Do Something Old

Day Nineteen ~ Encourage Someone Else

Day Twenty ~ Monitor Who You Fellowship With

Day Twenty-One ~ Get A Mentor

Day Twenty-Two ~ Don’t Give In To The Mean Girl

Day Twenty-Three ~ Set Boundaries

Day Twenty-Four ~ Counter The Lies With Truth

Day Twenty-Five ~ Get Into A Community

Day Twenty-Six ~ Move It!

Day Twenty-Seven ~ Get A Physical

Day Twenty-Eight ~Natural Help for Depression

Day Twenty-Nine ~ My Husband Doesn’t Believe In Depression

Day Thirty ~ Seasons of Depression

Day Thirty-one ~ Dealing with Depression Day 31

BONUS! Day Thirty-Two ~ Deal With Your Past


  1. It is pretty good to go from “I don’t care” to “Reach Out.”
    Charlotte recently posted..IN THE DESERT

  2. Loved the series! Excellent tools in a bite-size format to live a healthier life!

    Just wanted to give you a heads-up that I have shared a post about your series with my readers at EMPOWERING Christian Women; thank you for providing such a necessary resource for those who are struggling.

    You can find the post here:

    MANY blessings!!!

  3. Bless you Melinda for sharing this and also “How I forgave my Molester” (have not yet read but bookmarked these both as a MUST READ). I’m just curious why you never completed the 31 days and it ended on day 29. I just popped over here from Holley Gerth’s blog and did not realize it was from last October until I started reading post by post. What a beautiful outreach and ministry! Thank you for your openness and sharing both topics.

    In Christ’s love,
    Peggy recently posted..MONDAY MANNA MEMORY

    • Thank you, Peggy and welcome! Oh, I did complete the 31 days but it looks like I forgot to link the last two days 🙂 Off to fix that!

  4. Hi Melinda. I’ve just stumbled across your site, and it has blown me away. The 31-day series on depression is something I really need to work my way through. I’ve suffered from depression for years, due to issues in my past, and I’m only now starting to deal with them. Its a long, painful process, but it is so encouraging to read words like these, to know that I’m not alone in this.

    Thanks so much for being willing to share your experiences.

    Claire, Ireland x

    • Welcome, Claire! I hope that you find it helpful and thank you for the encouragement!

  5. How do I start the challenge? When I clicked on it nothing happened.

  6. Hi 31 days of reading coming up, they say it takes about 17 days to break a habit, do you think depression can be broken like a habit?

    Thank you for the terrific read.

    • I’m not sure it can be broken like a habit but I do know that the sooner we start identifying the signs that depression is approaching, we can work on ways to ward it off. I tend to naturally lean this way and so it helps me to have an arsenal ready to take it on, day by day, and sometimes minute by minute.

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