James Bible Study Day 24

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Welcome to day 24 of our James Bible Study! You’re doing great! Keep going.

Let’s unpack verses 14-16 today.

Dear brothers, what’s the use of saying that you have faith and are Christians if you aren’t proving it by helping others? Will that kind of faith save anyone? 15 If you have a friend who is in need of food and clothing, 16 and you say to him, “Well, good-bye and God bless you; stay warm and eat hearty,” and then don’t give him clothes or food, what good does that do? James 2:14-16(TLB)

Are you proving it by helping others? Now we know we are not saved by works. But does that mean we don’t have to care for anyone else or help when we’re able? No, of course not.

We may be the only bible anyone ever reads. One way to be that bible is to help.

We have something we can share. For the most part, we have more than we need. One thing I found interesting in Haiti was that they don’t understand the concept of “leftovers”. If you have food left over, you give it away to someone who needs it. Now think about your own pantry and fridge (most Haitians don’t have a fridge). How much extra food do you have in storage?

What excess do you have in your home that you could give away? Go through a closet or a room in your house. Make a list of ways you can help others. Then decide how you’re going to take action and do it!

Continue memorizing James 1:1-6


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