James Bible Study Day 25

James bible study at melindatodd

Welcome to day 25 of our James Bible Study! 

Today we’re looking at James 2:17-18. Take some time to look at the different versions of these two verses. I really like the way The Living Bible states these verses. Which version do you prefer? Was there one that really spoke to you?

How hard is it to not get caught up in deeds? We know we are saved by faith and not by works. But if we have no deeds, our faith doesn’t speak to anyone. When we’re really engaged with the Lord our natural instinct is to pour out his love on others.

How can we make sure our deeds speak of faith? 

Continue memorizing James 1:1-6. Say your verses out loud 5x and write them out 3x. Show your homework on the Facebook page.

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