I’m Just Plain Worn Out

I’m just checking in here because well, I haven’t had a lot to say in a while. I’m just plain tuckered out. Kids camp was totally awesome! But now I’m home and my house is in a state of chaos and so is my head with a chronic sinus headache/allergies that I can’t seem to get out from underneath. You know those days you wish you could stay in bed all day? Yeah, that’s how this week has felt.

So, I’m absent on here and waiting for the fog to clear and to feel inspired to write again. I’d appreciate all and any prayers, as well. Thanks so much for being a reader here. I appreciate you all so much, even when I can’t find words to put to the keyboard. ♥



  1. I’ve been there. I am praying for you. Hope things have gotten better and you’ve regained your energy since writing this post.
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