Frost Makes Me Thankful

job3710melindatoddBy the breath of God frost is given: and the breadth of the waters is straitened. Job 37:10

I’m thankful when the frost arrives. It feels like Christmas time. Frozen puddles make me smile and remind me of the days I skated across them or broke through the thin lace of ice as a child. Yes, the cold weather makes me think of my childhood home and fond memories.






















And the cow who actually came over to try to stomp our puppy, Indy, who decided she needed to be a foot into the pasture to piddle. Thankfully she listened at the last minute. I love the leaf on her nose πŸ™‚

PS – Yes, this is what I do when I’m sick. Go figure! I’m hoping to get more frosty shots as this weather continues this week.


  1. Loved this! I think it’s a great idea to go out and take pictures when you are sick. You can only lay around for so long. Yes, you need to rest, but picture taking isn’t strenuous (depending upon what you’re shooting and where), and I think it’s a wonderful way to take your mind off being sick. Thanks for sharing this!!

    Pam Manners recently posted..The Battle Is On!

  2. Great photos Mel! I think your ‘bull’ is a pretty bovine πŸ™‚ Love how you found beauty outside when you were feeling icky inside!
    Shanyn recently posted..Undivided Attention

    • Hahahaah! You’re right, that is the cow! Hilarious. That’s what I get for going out being sick. She scared me too much to pay attention I guess πŸ˜‰

      • Oh dear, she scared you? She doesn’t seem too scary! I’d love for you to see our girls πŸ™‚ Give her treats and she’ll be your friend! Hope you are feeling better girl.
        Shanyn recently posted..Love Colored Glasses

        • Her charging at the puppy scared me πŸ™‚ She does not like the dogs in her fields. Both our dogs are too dumb to pay attention πŸ™‚ LOL The puppy is too young and Willy, he’s old and too nice. But no, for the most part she doesn’t. We feed her and the other two all the time so she comes to the fence when ever we’re outside.

  3. mel thank you for posting these great photos .I love the bull with the leaf on his nose .hope your feeling better after being out side with the frost … hugs sweet friend you are such an encouagement to me love your sister in jesus

    • Geri, You have NO idea how much your words encourage me! Thank you!

      • your very welcome mel πŸ™‚ thats what a sister in christ is suposed to do .romans 12:9-11 says, Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another; mel you truly have brotherly love or should I say sisterly love … you have helped me with Gods help and comfort you are a blessing. God wants me to encourage you .mel you just look to jesus hes got your back .God has given you so much talent and gifts . so press on my sister , your father in heaven loves you so much and so do I . your sister in christ geri

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