Big Bang Theory – Whoops!

Our big plan was to go to bed early last night.  Aaron has a race tomorrow so he needed some extra rest and I am sick so I needed the extra rest.

I poured my theraflu into my coffee cup and put the kettle on.  Then I headed to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

When I came back into the kitchen, I realized I had turned the wrong burner on high!  As I realized that my 9×13 glass casserole dish was sitting on the burner, on HIGH.  I moved the dish off the red coils and onto one that was off.

Then for what ever reason, I turned my body and face sideways, away from the casserole dish and thought, “Gosh, I hope that doesn’t break.”  As I thought this, the entire dish EXPLODED!

No, not broken. I am serious.  A big bang explosion of hot glass.  Every.  Where.

The kitchen was completely covered in broken glass.  I screamed when it happened, which brought my husband out of our room to see what the screaming and loud noise was.  As I tried to move away from the explosion, I managed to step on a nice hot chunk of broken glass.

My sweet husband tiptoed through the broken shards of glass, across the kitchen, and dining room to get to the broom closet.  I looked around in horror at the huge mess, while standing in a nice puddle of blood.  Aaron swept his way into the kitchen to me so I could go clean up my foot and he could start the massive clean-up project.  Getting to bed early was completely out of the question now.

Glass was in the kitchen, dining room, living room, the hall, and in the utility room.  I will probably continue to find glass pieces in the dirty laundry until I can get it all washed!  Everything on the counters had glass in it, including my precious theraflu.  It was the last pack I had.  I’m all for sleeping through the night but I have no desire to drink shards of glass.

We spent 40 minutes cleaning up glass.  You know we didn’t get it all.  Isn’t that how it always is?  You continue to have pieces appear for weeks after breaking something small!  I’m guessing this one is going to haunt me for a while.  Who knows what glass we missed.  And of course, my husband isn’t going to let me forget any time soon either

Through all the excitement, I couldn’t help thinking about how bad it could have been.  What if I hadn’t turned away from the casserole dish?  Or I could have reached across the dish to turn the burner off first (instead of moving the pan like I did) and being short like I am, I would have been touching it as I reached for the knob on the back of the stove.  It could have exploded into my neck and chest.  It could have exploded into my face and eyes.  Eek!

To my surprise, none of the glass hit me.  I checked my massive main of hair over and over again, expecting some of the glass to be present.  Absolutely nothing.  Amazing.

I was protected.  Not because I’m a genius (uh, hello I just turned a burner on high with a glass dish on it, so yeah, no genius here) and knew it would burst into a million pieces so I protected myself.  But that little whisper of, “Gosh, I hope it doesn’t break” and me turning my body away from the pan, was God’s protection.  If I hadn’t listened, I can only imagine the turn of events and potential harm I would have faced.

When has God protected you with a little whisper?  Or perhaps, a not so little “whisper”?  What about times you heard that whisper and ignored it?  What happened?  Tell us below in a comment!

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans toprosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

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