Why I Post What I Do On Facebook

If you’ve followed me for long on Facebook, you know I like to post stuff. For some, it might be too much, while others enjoy it. But why on earth do I do it?

You think you are a perfect Christian preaching to everyone else and shoving it down their throats.

Nope. Furthest thing from the truth. I post because I need the encouragement. I snag something when it touches my heart and encourages me because someone else might really need the same message that day. I don’t aim things at any certain individuals. I post what I like, personally.

You think you’re so funny and self absorbed.

Nope. I enjoy sharing funny stuff and making others laugh. Because we all need to laugh. Laughing and humor are great ways to fight off depression – something that you all know I have a constant battle with. If posting funny things means I’m self absorbed, I’m cool with that. If it brightens one person’s day, it’s worth it.

Facebook is a great hang out, where you don’t have to be a cool kid to get in. I can stay in touch with family, old friends, and make new ones. And the beauty of it is that it is what you make it. If you don’t like seeing someone’s posts, you can select to have them not show up in your newsfeed! So, if someone bugs you, just hide them. And if you find something fun, enlightening, or cool, go ahead and share it with me!


  1. Dawn R. Justice Phenix

    I just LOVE this post! brilliant!

  2. Perfectly said!

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