When I’m Too Religious Or Something Else

Someone from my past showed up a few years ago. And in the getting reacquainted she made a statement via email; one reason she’d stopped talking to me was because I was “too religious”.

So I explained to her why I’m a follower of Christ and why it plays such an important role in my life.

I believe in Christ and that He died for my sins. I believe because it’s something I know deep inside and it keeps me alive. Literally. Because I cannot accept that we are on this planet living this hard, hurtful life for no reason at all.

God is woven into every crevice and cell of my body. He’s part of me and I can’t deny it.

He has done amazing things in my life and for those I love. I can’t deny His amazing answers to prayers. His astonishing forgiveness and grace. The power in His name. Because God meets me not only in the light but in the dark places where no one knows.

As some hurtful things have come to light recently, God continues to amaze me with how He orchestrates certain bible studies and words to fill my need and initial aching heart. He is working in me to not take what others say about me so seriously, especially when I know what they say is not truth.

If it’s not true, how can it hold any power over my being?

Perhaps these lessons are to toughen me up as I prepare to launch my novels because the critics of life will come. But they will not have the last word.

Are you suffering from others pointing fingers because you are too something? How do you deal with others opinions of you, especially when they are negative or lies?



  1. Hi Melinda,
    Yes, I have lost friends because they think I am too religious though they have not confronted me they have just not call me or want to see me. It hurts, when friends stop speaking to you. I would of said to them if they said I am too religious I would told them same as you, I am a follower of Christ and what Jesus means too me. I do not like to have the title as too religious because following Jesus is not a religion (it is Christianity) it is a intimate relationship with Jesus. Jesus hated religious leaders such as the Pharisees as they added rules to God’s commands. They also did not except Jesus as God.

    I am very lonely person I do not have friends that ring me to see how I am doing and to go out for lunch or a coffee.. However I try my best to find friends and to be a friend to someone in need. I starting to realise that God has placed on my heart about the lonely people in this world because of my own experience. So I am friends with anyone I come across and if they want to see me on a regular basis then that is a blessing from God.

    Thank you for your post

  2. Just had to repost! I’ve been at both sides..as one who drew away because a friend was “too religious” and as one who was pulled away from for the same reason. I hope you don’t mind. I gave all the proper credit..I think. If I left something out, please let me know.
    Donna recently posted..Wait On The LORD, Not The Thing

  3. Yes. Yes. Yes. Your story is your own and there will no doubt be critics, but write for you and God…critics have their own issues to do deal with. You’re a brave woman who knows how to deal with hers and you have strength to write about your life. I find much of the time those critics are bound in fear.
    Lisa recently posted..Spontaneous Living

  4. If that’s the worse thing people can say about you, you have done well, Faithful Servant!

  5. Hi Mel
    I was just reading today how Jesus said, “Not everyone who calls me ‘Lord, Lord’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven” (Matt 7:21) Jesus asks us for more than just to believe and say we are Christian. You are a courageous woman of God who is really walking the walk. Well done, good and faithful servant.

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