Because I Am Just A Girl Part 3

Because I'm Just A Girl by Melinda Todd
*If you missed part one of Because I’m Just  A Girl, go check it out to follow along.

She talked me into giving her a half hour massage and I knew I’d been duped. Nightmare on Elm Street had been over for a good twenty minutes and I’d sat in silence with the black and white fuzz of the tv providing an eerie glow to the room. Finally the VCR turned over to the last minute of the massage. My friend pretended to be asleep. Did she really think I didn’t know her games by now? I nudged her.

“You’re turn.”

“What? What time is it? My turn for what?” She rubbed her eyes and stretched. Her acting wasn’t fooling me.

“It’s your turn to give me a massage. You got your half hour, now it’s my turn.”

“I never agreed to that.”

“Yes, you did.”

“I did not.” She stood up, grabbed her bedding off the living room floor, flipped the tv off, and headed down the hall to her bedroom. “I’m going to sleep in my own bed.” She shut the door, leaving me alone in the living room in the dark.

Figures. She always does this stuff to me. I’m not staying here. I grabbed my pillow and backpack and quietly slipped out the front door  – at 2am. My legs moved fast, my mind racing with who or what could be lurking behind the trees or the side of the garage of the yellow house on the corner.

Finally, my house came into view, porch light illuminating my way up the walk and front door. Locked. Dang it. There went the small glimmer of hope that my aunt would still be up. Tears teased my eyes. What do I do now? 

And then I remembered the wood shoot into the basement. I tiptoed around the deck and into the backyard. Both dogs started to bark.

“Shut up, it’s just me.”

Both dogs quieted, their tails wagged in the moonlight. Collars and chains clinked together as they danced about. I pulled the plywood away from the wood shoot hole and slid down into complete darkness and into the wood pile. Please don’t fall. Please don’t fall. Please don’t fall. I found my way to the basement floor. Safe. I did it! I bumped through the dark, feeling my way along, hands extended.

“Meeeow!” My cat Lacy announced herself from the kindling box as my knee located it. I grabbed the cat out of the box and held her out in front of me. If something tried to get me, I’d throw the cat at it.

“Freddy Kruger will probably chop you into little pieces Lacy, but you have to try to fight back, okay?”

Finally, I found Dad’s work bench and flipped the light on. No monsters, just me and my fluff ball cat. She squirmed to escape. I adjusted the cat and tucked her under my chin.

“You’re going to sleep with me tonight girl.” I rubbed her soft grey ear. “You’re my real best friend.”

We made it up the basement stairs and tiptoed up to my second story bedroom without waking anyone. I sat on my water bed and ran my hand down Lacy’s soft fur to convince her to stay with me. When she decided to stay, I curled myself around her small form and tried to fall asleep.  I wonder what she’ll think when she wakes up and I’m gone tomorrow. Serves her right. Maybe she should stop lying all the time. Why am I even friends with someone like that? She treats me like crap. Maybe Mom was right about her.

The next day my aunt started locking the basement door. . . And my need to fill my gaping lonely hole in my heart will continue this friendship for years to come. Because I’m just a girl.


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