Because I Am Just A Girl Part Two

Because I'm Just A Girl  by Melinda Todd


*If you missed part one of Because I’m Just  A Girl, go check it out to follow along.

I really don’t know the answer to her question. Because I’m just a girl.

“Do you want to give us all the shits?” Her face is mere inches from my own. Hot stinky breath brushes my skin, so I hold my breath. “You rinse the dishes with running water. NEVER with a sink full of water or you’re going to make us all sick!”

My hands shake so I tuck them behind my back, pressing into the counter to get further away from her. I only did what my mama taught me. I keep quiet because I don’t know if she’ll hit me.

“Do you understand?” I nod. Of course I do. I’m not stupid. But she is.

Stupid jerk. I hate her. Does she even know what her teenage son did last night? How he climbed into my bed to ask what I was listening to on my walkman? And when he heard someone coming upstairs, he bolted?

I finish the dishes as fast as I can and run to my bedroom. Why do we have to have stupid roommates? Why does my dad have to be at work? Why did my mom have to leave us? Because I’m just a little girl and this is more than I can handle.



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