Remembering Yesterday

Photo Credit: by artur84 at

Photo Credit: by artur84 at

I grasp the scrapbook, run my hand over the teal cloth cover. Open with the creak of  plastic pages, hugging precious photos in place. Each image captures life, I look deep, remembering. The smells, the sounds, the feelings. I close my eyes to submerge myself completely, digging deep into the recesses of how it felt to be in that moment. To not forget any of it.

Each moment savored with the click of a camera. Captured by a mind that will all too soon forget. Memories tip-toe and prickle the skin. Moments precious dash in and out never to be again. Clenched fists leak time like a sieve.

The snuggle, that laugh, those are tucked into the fibers of my being. Deep breaths. Tinkling of familiar voices draws me back. Turn the pages, close the book, replace it on the shelf.  New moments waiting to spill into the empty pages of another book.

Today, go fill the next scrapbook with your loves.

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