If God Really Loved Me


So many times I hear, if God really loved me, He wouldn’t allow xyz in my life.  I truly get the sentiment there.  I really do.  How many of us haven’t felt that in our lives?

I can name a number of times where I have wondered, if God really loved me, why did He let me suffer so? My alcoholic father, the sexual abuse (not by my Dad, just to be clear), the verbal abuse, my cousin’s young death, my Grandma’s cancer and death at 49, and a million other times where life wanted to swallow me whole in the deep, dark, and dirty pain.

Life is hard. That is the simple truth.  There will be times when it gets easier and there will be cycles where it is tough. If you have no plans on getting dirty in this life, you better brace yourself because  we all have muck and mire to fight through.

Why do we think  we deserve to have a peaches and cream life? Are we really so full of ourselves that we think we can stomp our feet down here and demand what we want from God, The King of Kings? Are we smarter than God?

We’ve all seen our children have a meltdown over not getting what they want. Sometimes we wonder if they might need an exorcism, they are so overly dramatic about it.  Do we give in? If we know what is good for them, we do not.

Why then should God give into us when we pitch a fit? As adults our temper tantrums aren’t as outwardly noticeable as a young child’s. We may remove ourselves from a close relationship with the Lord. We pull away from Christian friends who might see what’s really going on with in us. And sometimes, we look heavenward, shake our fists, and scream, “Why Lord, why?”

You know what?  God is big enough to hear it all. Our human side needs to get those feelings out. When we’ve purged those angry thoughts and feelings, we can open ourselves up to hearing the Spirit again.

Because He loves you so much, He wants you to keep the line of communication open. Always. No matter how hurt or angry you might be.

If we never experienced pain, we would never have a need for God. The longing for a peaches and cream life, is a longing for our destiny of heaven. That’s where our hope and joy comes from! Remember that in times of pain!  Someday, you will never feel pain again!

With out pain we would never grow or change. With out suffering, we would not have empathy.

Who am I to tell God what He should be doing with my life or anyone else’s? We cannot see all the pieces but God promises us that He works all things for good. Life is a living fractal and I believe someday, we will see that bigger picture and the puzzle pieces of it all will be clearly beautiful and perfect.

Romans 8:28
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

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  1. Wow, that was one awesome post! I couldn’t have agreed more with it. (I’ll tweet about it too.) 🙂

  2. We’re thinking along the same lines here, Mel. I just had a conversation with someone the other day about this very thing, and then found such truth when I opened my devotional the next day. Our faith is an insurance policy – we pay into it, we know it’s there and we don’t really use it when things are going well, but we sure appreciate it when a catastrophe strikes!
    Thank you for this post – God bless 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed this post, Mel. I think that when life throws us curve-balls, it’s what we DO with them that matters. Do we take them to bat, or do we whine and complain? I loved your point — that life is hard, so we need to prepare ourselves to get a little dirty while fighting through them… I also think that God is not the one who gives us the problems, but that He can (if He so choses) use them for our benefit. I am going to stumble and tweet this post… thanks for posting this.

  4. AMEN! Thank you for this post, it is a good, no a great, reminder that God knows best for us. We cannot see the long view as He does, just like we can with our children, and like our Heavenly Father we want what is best for them forever, not just right now.
    Bright blessings,
    Shanyn (Strawberry Roan)

  5. Loved it….
    Just what I have been going through months together now….
    Thank you.
    Maria recently posted..Take a Break

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