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7 Tips To Improve Praying
Praying is one of the most important aspects in the life of a Christian. I’d go as far as saying it is the most important part of our lives.

I’m often surprised by how many folks tell me that they don’t remember to pray and it’s an area of their faith they struggle with.

7 Tips for Praying

  1. When someone asks for prayer, do it right then and there. This can be tough for those of us who don’t feel really comfortable praying out loud but if you want someone to know that you will do what you say, do it. If it’s a serious situation, you don’t want to forget to pray later and it’s a huge benefit to the individual going through a tough spot. It makes us feel very special when someone stops everything to pray right then and there.
  2. Find a time of day each day for prayer. It doesn’t matter where you pray, could be in the shower, driving (just don’t close your eyes),when you first wake in the morning or as you lay down for bed each night. Having a set time of day every day will make this an easy habit.
  3. Keep a list of prayers. I have a dear friend who keeps prayer cards in her pockets, rubber banded together. They are always with her and she goes through them at least once per day, usually more. Her prayer cards are a tad bigger than a match book, making them fit easily into her pockets. Find a way that works for you to keep track of prayer requests. Don’t forget to write down the answers to prayer too! A small journal is a great way to keep track and to look back on.
  4. Set reminders in your phone or computer. Does someone have a surgery coming up that they want prayer for? Schedule it and set the reminder in your phone or computer calendar so you won’t forget. I do this all the time and it helps me stay on top of those requests I might otherwise forget.
  5. Pick a trigger to remind you to pray. Have something you want to pray fervently and frequently about? Choose a trigger item, such as, a certain color you see or each time you go to a sink in the house, you stop and pray. Sounds silly, but it does work!
  6. Team up for accountability. Find someone who is willing to get together to pray with you or someone who will remind you to pray each day. But only do this if someone reminding you won’t become annoying.
  7. Write it on your calendar or sticky notes. Just simply write the word PRAY where you will see it regularly.

Do you have tips for prayer? What works best for you? Is prayer an area you struggle with? Feel free to share in the comments box below.

Pray without ceasing. 1 Thessalonians 5:17


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  1. Very nicely done Mel, and some good tips. Prayers can be as unique as those who pray, the true key is to obey what we are taught in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 to pray without ceasing. I love praying for others, it is when I need prayer myself that I struggle most. I have some books of prayer which help inspire me and I’ve learned that the bigger half of prayer is listening, rather than speaking. Spending time seeking the Holy Spirit, spending time listening to God is part of our prayer life that cannot be neglected.
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