Pray Without Ceasing Coloring Page

Pray Without Ceasing Coloring Page by Melinda Todd

Pray without ceasing coloring page! Perfect for bible journaling, women’s ministry, children’s ministry, or memorizing scripture. Take some time out of your day to color and remind yourself to continue to pray. God’s going to work it all out in the end. Bible coloring pages are an excellent way to…

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You Can Be A Powerhouse Too

We’ve all been gifted by God with the same treasure that makes us a powerhouse. We may not have money. But we’ve got this one thing that we can utilize at any given moment of the day to change the world. It’s not innovative. It’s not technological. It’s prayer. Drop…

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Psalm 109 Prayer For Healing

A Prayer For Healing

My prayer for today. Dear Lord, I am poor and needy, and my heart is wounded. Please heal me. Amen If you enjoyed this message today, please click Like and feel free to share with your friends. Someone might need to pray this very prayer. Have a blessed day! Blessings,…

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