I’ll Keep Cheering You On

keepcheeringMama watched as her baby wobbled back and forth and took a tentative step forward. And then another step before plopping down on his diapered bottom.

Mama cheered and clapped.

“Way to go little one! You’re getting there!” She clasped little hands in hers and gently pulled the little child to his tiny feet. “Let’s try again.”

That’s how I see you, daughter. You keep practicing and I will keep cheering you on. Every time you stumble, I will be there to pull you to your feet, and praise you as you try again.

How has God pulled you to your feet? Do you feel Him cheering you on? When you mess up, do you wait for scolding or punishment from the Lord? Share your thoughts in the comments below.





  1. Such a beautiful and simple message but so very important. Thank you!!
    Susie Klein recently posted..Is My Dog Depressed or Simply Resigned?

  2. Thank you! I love when a simple word picture captures such a great message! This is one of those I will remember when things get tough. Thank you for what you do Mel

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