I Almost Ignored God’s Prompt Today

I pulled into the drive thru to get a hamburger today, when a thought popped into my head to pay for the person’s meal behind me. I contemplated it and then decided that maybe now wasn’t the best time for me to do that, financially.

And then it hit me as I handed over my cash for my meal. What if that prompt was from God and I made the decision to ignore it? Yeah, I handed over the whopping $4 to pay for that meal, for whomever was behind me.

The reaction from the girl at the counter was worth it, alone. She didn’t know what to do at first. Clearly, this isn’t something that’s done often. After I paid for their meal, the person pulled up behind me and I saw them counting change to pay for their meal.

Light. Bulb. ON.

Maybe they really needed that extra change. Maybe they didn’t. Perhaps the girl behind the counter might have been reached. Or maybe it’s God’s way of speaking to me. What ever God’s goal today, I’m glad I listened.

Have you ever listened to a prompting from the Lord and almost talked yourself out of it? Please share!




PS – No, that is not the burger I ate!

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  1. LOVE the burger pic and your comment “PS – No, that is not the burger I ate!” haha! I recently had a moment like that! I had my preceptorship for nursing school up at our local nursing home. For 10 weeks I cared for a man whose heart was hard and he complained often. He was dying and we both knew it. Legally working as a nurse you are not allowed to speak about religion unless prompted by the client and the opportunity never came before it was time for me to leave. I had planned to return to visit AFTER I passed my big NCLEX test so I could tell everyone I passed. The day before my big test I told my hubby that to keep my mind off the anxiety of the test I should go pay a visit to the nursing home but I went back and forth a couple of times if I should. My husband said to me “You should cause you never know what could happen and you better not wait till it’s too late”. (I believe God spoke through my husband and you’ll see why in a second!) I took his advice and drove up. My nursing preceoptor told me that I needed to visit the man I mentioned above because he was actively dying. I walked into his room to see him laying on his bed, eyes puffy and red, lungs filled with fluid just hanging on. I didn’t cry (HUGE for me) but instead sat on his bed and told him that I came in to see how he was and to visit. We chatted briefly before he said “well, I’m tired. I think I need a nap”. I said “ok, you take a good nap”. Then….. instead of getting up and leaving, something made me sit there. It felt like 10 minutes, I’m sure it was two. And the words “Can I pray for you” blurted out of my mouth. Almost before I could finish the last word, he quickly reached out for my hands, drew them to his chest and almost with a pleaded “yes” accepted my offer. That’s when the Holy Spirit took over. I prayed for his salvation, I prayed for God to comfort him and take away his pain and fears. I left his room, said goodbye, walked to my car and bawled. I truly believe that God sent me there for that man. And I feel honored God trusted me to do it. I needed that experience to get through my test, that is why I want to be a nurse. Praise be to HIM!

  2. In our area we have had many mines close abruptly and there are many families that cannot get any help and their unemployment won’t kick in until after the holidays. A friend that is also a female coal miner wanted to help some local families by providing a thanksgiving meal to 7 families and posted on her facebook page about it and asked if anyone was interested in helping. We did not have any money to give as we had spent almost all ours on food but immediately God spoke and reminded me of the extra turkey in our freezer and I asked my husband and right away he agreed. And so I started getting excited and went into the pantry and started digging, pulling out cans of this and cans of that. I did not have enough to complete the meal but God covered the rest. So now I am curious and excited what God will want me to do for Christmas!!! Love and hugs Sherry♥
    Sherry England recently posted..Guitar Lessons In Surry

    • We did our gift anonymously but I felt to post about it relating to your blog post and how God uses us to be that beacon and a voice to the lost and needy in the world and also it can most likely be a test of our faith and whether He can trust us with the bigger things as well.
      Sherry England recently posted..Guitar Lessons In Surry

  3. My daughter and I did that the other day — paid for the elderly woman ordering beside us at Wendy’s. I felt the quiet nudge, but didn’t want to embarrass her. Thankfully there was a drink machine between our two lines. Quietly I slipped the cashier the money for the woman’s order as she was filling her drink cup. The cashier silently asked me twice and I nodded. As she placed the drink on the older woman’s tray, she simply said, “It’s already paid for today.” The woman smiled then cried, and my daughter and I picked up our tray and walked on. I LOVE those moments! Truly the riches of the Kingdom when we listen to God’s still, small voice and follow as He leads — small like a few dollar dinner or large like supporting a mission family. Thanks for sharing your heart, Mel! You made mine smile. 🙂
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