Does Pride Masquerade As Insecurity?

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Proverbs 11:2

When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.

While fishing with his toddler son, a father knows to keep a close eye on him.  The young boy splashes in the calm, shallow waters, and digs in the sand.  Out of the corner of his eye the father spies his small son start to wander towards the rushing water in the river.  With a quick hand, he guides his little boy back to the mellow and safer waters.  He reminds the child that it is not safe to go too far or near the quick moving water.

This scene may play over and over again through out the day, depending on the child’s precocious nature.  Out of love for his child, the father will continue to save his child from impending danger. His son may have to take in a face full of water from tumbling in, in order to fully start to grasp the seriousness of water and its dangers.  Regardless, the father’s main goal is to keep his precious son, safe.

All too often, that is how God deals with his children.  We start to wade out deeper and deeper, ignoring the warnings of our Father.  Our very creator will warn us not to do something and like a small child, we ignore those warnings and do what we want, anyway.

God’s been speaking to me loudly this week.  He brought to my attention something I have battled with my whole life.


Now that is no surprise to me.  I know it’s there.  It looms in a dark corner, ready to pounce on me and tell me I am worthless.  I am nothing.  I am a screw up.  How can anyone ever love me?

It takes me to a dark place and sometimes causes me to go into a pit of despair.  And sometimes it seems to give me permission and justification to say something I wouldn’t normally say or do something I wouldn’t normally do.

It boils down to one single word.  Pride.  Oh that hurts.  It is painful to say that out loud or write it for the world to read.  Such an ugly word.

Pride is deceiving. It comes in an alluring package, glistening in gold wrapping paper and ribbon.  It taunts.  It teases.  It beckons to be opened.  To be caressed.  It intertwines perfectly into our minds and hearts, like a parasite.

If we don’t check it when it starts, it grows.  It’s convincing and conniving.  It will take you down and disguise itself as insecurity.

If you let it.

We have been given the power over our thoughts and minds.  We have been given the helmet of salvation and the sword to protect us.  (Eph 6:10-18 )

When these thoughts creep in and try to seep into your heart, get into The Word.  For God’s promises are far above any lie you have been told!

He says you are worth it!  If God loves you, who cares what anyone else thinks?  Your creator thinks you are precious and worthy of being saved and called His. That is what matters in this world.  The rest is but dust.

* Have you ever given much thought to insecurity being a disguise of pride? What do you think? Agree or disagree? Share your thoughts in the comments.
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  1. Lovely post! I often get stuck in negative thoughts and feelings about myself and always need to shower myself with God’s promises.

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