Where We Go Wrong With Santa and Elf On The Shelf

Believing In Santa Is WRONG

Without Santa Christmas isn’t magical. The Elf on the Shelf is creepy and dumb. Christmas. You’re doing it wrong.

We don’t do Santa at our house. A decision my husband and I made many years ago. And guess what? We don’t care if you DO Santa at your house. We’re not going to tell you it’s wrong, because we don’t think it is.

“You’re robbing your children of the magic of Christmas!” I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been told this by others. Honestly? I want to tell them to have a big ole cup of shut the hell up. Since when did someone else become an expert on what happens in my house on Christmas morning? Why do does anyone care how any of us celebrate Christmas? What’s it to ya?

“Elf on the shelf is such a creepy doll.” Yeah, again, mind your own business. Why do you care if others do Elf on the Shelf? We do and don’t care if you don’t. Keep your rude comments to yourself.

Why can’t we all mind our own business at Christmas?

If you’re being nasty about someone else’s Christmas traditions, then the game is on you because you clearly don’t have the Christmas spirit in you.

What if we focused on kindness and realized that each tradition is building memories for a family. And instead of criticizing, we saw the mom that is making an effort and doing the best she can with her children.

Because a true Christmas spirit is one of love wrapped in kindness. Let’s agree to keep the pointy fingers busy with generous giving, instead of pointing out another’s difference.

Anyone else tired of this nonsense too?


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