Teaching Children Biblical Obedience With Free Worksheets

Teaching Children Biblical Obedience
Teaching our children biblical obedience is tough!

These simple worksheets will provide the perfect time out with God for your child the next time they’re struggling to obey.

Leave your frustrations and yelling at the door and instead hand them these worksheets, a bible, a pencil, and dictionary if their bible doesn’t have one in the back, and let the Lord do the convicting of their hearts. *For younger kids, you may need to sit down and talk about this topic with them – kids 8+ will most likely be able to do these on their own.

Here are the three free worksheets for teaching children biblical obedience. Share them with your friends! They’re FREE! Click on the images to go to the printable pdf. You are welcome to share and copy but please do not remove my copyright.

Worksheet #1 – have them write out the verses.

Time out with God - teaching children biblical obedience

time out with god worksheet 2

time out with god worksheet 3


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