You Can Be A Powerhouse Too


We’ve all been gifted by God with the same treasure that makes us a powerhouse.

We may not have money. But we’ve got this one thing that we can utilize at any given moment of the day to change the world.

It’s not innovative. It’s not technological.

It’s prayer.

Drop everything and talk straight to Jesus and intercede on the behalf of anyone, anywhere, at any time.

It’s that simple.

It should be a constant conversation. A continuous pouring out of hearts.

You were created to be a powerhouse.

Claim it.

Pray it.

You can do it on your knees or you can do it while having a conversation with another.

You were created for connection, friend. Grab onto the communication lines and start the interaction.

And watch Christ move!


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  1. Isn’t it something that we really can do nothing at all without the power of prayer. Prayer unlocks the provision of the promises of God and enables us to live in Christ and His power and abilities. Truly our hearts become treasure chests!

    • Yes and so often we act as though only being able to pray is less than the powerful possession it truly is. We’re so empowered but we have to get one-on-one to seek it!

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  3. Prayer is power indeed! Thanks so much for linking up- great post!
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