When Other Believers Inflict Wounds

When Believers Wound

“I’m a Christian.” She whispered in my ear. I instantly put her in a category. I placed an invisible crown upon her head that read: virtuous, pure, perfect. My views of who she might be were heaped in expectations because we were sister believers. Joined at the heart through Jesus.…

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The Best Gift For Mom

The Best Mom Gift by Melinda Todd

It wasn't the norm, this shopping in a big store for a Christmas gift for my mom. Our excitement palpable. What would she really like? My brother and I had $20 total to spend and the world at our fingertips it seemed. We settled on an elephant poster coated in…

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I Am Breaking Up With You

Social media tiptoed into our lives and bear hugged the vast majority into it’s claws. It can be a place where we are squished with warm fuzzies. But the flip side are claws that tear and gash at tender skin, leaving oozing wounds and scars in their wake. Sharpened talons…

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