Your Hope For Today Challenge

HOPE in bible verses


To go along with our 30 days of Hope Challenge, I have created two FREE printables just for you.

The first is four pages for you to journal your own thoughts and the whispers the Lord speaks into your heart. Just click the image below to go to the printable pdf page.

For the second, click on the second image. Enjoy! *Let me know if you want more materials like this!

Findingyourhopetodaysmallhope bible verses printable

If you enjoy these, feel free to share with friends. Is there someone you know who could use some hope? *These are copyrighted materials. Feel free to share but leave the copyright info intact. Thank you!


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Just Hot Glue It! My New Decorating Site

Take a look at my new – but still a baby – decorating website!

Here is the first project!


As many of you know, I do the decorating for VBS and Children’s Ministry at church. I also thoroughly enjoy decorating and creating fun things for party themes and other special occasions. This site is my conglomerate of all of those things.

Check out the header on the new site. The “Welcome” sign with lights is a project I will show you how to make yourself soon!

I’m still working on content so hang in there with me, won’t you? Come on over and take a little sneak peek and like the Facebook page. Thank you so much!


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Free VeggieTales Song Download from Beauty and The Beet!

VeggieTales FREE Music download from Beauty and the Beet starring Kellie PicklerKellie Pickler shared with the eVEGelists last month that Five Servings of You was her favorite song from the new Beauty and the Beet movie! She drove her husband crazy by singing it so often.

Guess what? You get this song for FREE! Just click Five Servings of You and download it! *For my little friend, Jude! Happy birthday from Larry and Bob!

And if you missed the other new song that released on youtube last week, be sure to check out the video for Show You Love. Enjoy!

Feel free to share with your friends! They’ll want to share it with their kids too!



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eVEGelist Melinda Todd

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Janice Thompson’s Wedding Series and Giveaway

Janice Thompson books, interview, and Giveaway


I discovered Janice Thompson’s books several years ago the wedding caperwhen I picked up a copy of Fool’s Rush In. I fell in love with her funny and quirky characters immediately. From then on she sold me as a fan.

And then I took some writing courses from her and learned how to really focus my own fiction writing. She was encouraging and made herself available to her students.

You can feel her uplifting spirit in her writing. I am thrilled to have her here as a guest! *Read all the way to the end for your chance to win one of Janice’s books!

Please help me welcome author Janice Thompson! Janice is the author of over 100 books for the Christian market, (mostly inspirational romantic comedies). She’s joining us today to share about her mother-of-the-bride cozy mysteries, “The Bridal Mayhem” series.

Janice, can you tell us a little about this series?

Sure! The Bridal Mayhem series was birthed (partly) out of my own experience! I have four daughters and they all got married within four years of each other. The first two weddings (in 2004) were only four and a half months apart! What a crazy period! Shortly after that one of my editors approached me and asked if I’d ever written cozy mysteries. I had not, but was perfectly willing to give it a try! In the writing biz they tell us to “write what you know” and I knew weddings! I’d been mother of the bride twice in a row, after all. So, I mapped out my story ideas with Annie Peterson, mother-of-the-bride, as the reluctant sleuth, solving crimes on her way to the wedding(s).

Sounds like fun! So, these books released a few years back? If so, why are you just now talking about them?

They released in print form between 2005 and 2007 and then released in eBook form with Spyglass Lane. Recently, the rights reverted back to me (the author) and I was given the opportunity to create new covers and upload them to kindle. I’m offering the first book for $0.99 to stir up interest in the whole series.

Can you tell us about the first book?

Of course! The first book is The Wedding Caper. It’s $0.99 on kindle this week. In that story, both of Annie’s daughters get engaged, one right after the other. So, it’s weddings times two! At about that same time, $25,000 goes missing at the bank where Annie’s husband, Warren, works. She begins to suspect him of stealing the money to pay for their daughters’ weddings! Of course, she knows nothing about crime solving, but sets out to figure out whodunit before daughter #1’s big day. Did Warren take the money to pay for the weddings? Read The Wedding Caper to find out!

So, this is a series? What are the other books about?

Book two (Gone with the Groom) offers readers a rollicking good time! In this story, Annie’s future son-in-law goes missing two weeks before the big day. Does he have cold feet, or are there more sinister forces at work? In book three (Pushing up Daisies) a local florist passes away shortly before daughter Candy’s big day. Can Annie figure out who would want to murder a florist before her daughter’s wedding day? In book four (The Perfect Match) the local dating service goes up in flames. Annie’s in the thick of it, trying to figure out whodunit. In book five (Catering to Disaster) over 120 wedding guests end up with food poisoning after a wedding. Did the caterer slip up have they all been sabotaged?

There are five books in the series?

So far! Book six (Don’t Rock the Boat) is currently being written. In this story, Annie and her best friend Sheila are on a Caribbean cruise. An onboard bride goes missing just before her big day. Does she have cold feet? Has someone thrown her overboard? Did she re-board the ship after a recent excursion ashore? Annie has to figure this out so that the bride can have her big day!

You used your personal life experiences for this story?

In part! As I said, I was mother of the bride four times over, so I know what it is to be in that frenzied state of mind in the weeks leading up to your daughter’s wedding day. And though I’ve never solved a crime (to my knowledge) I enjoyed doing so through my characters. And speaking of characters: Annie’s best friend Sheila (wacky, crazy, colorful, fun) was based on my own BFF, Kay Malone. My sweet Kay passed away in May of 2013 from pancreatic cancer. The Wedding Caper is dedicated to her memory. As I mentioned above, The Wedding Caper was written in 2005, long before Kay’s cancer diagnosis. I was stunned—when reading back through the story—to see that one of the characters is battling pancreatic cancer. I’d forgotten all about that. Ironic and bittersweet, for sure.

Thanks for being with us, Janice. Any last thoughts?

Don’t forget to laugh. Life is hard, but laughter brings healing. I try to remember that when I’m having a tough day: there’s always something to laugh at, even if it’s through the tears.

Facebook: Janice Hanna Thompson

Twitter: @booksbyjanice

Thank you so much, Janice! I hope everyone connects with you and starts reading your books! I love that your books are lighthearted because sometimes we just need a break from all the heartbreak and burdens in life. Reading one of your books is like taking a short vacation from the real world.

Have you read any of Janice’s books? Leave a comment below for your chance to win a copy of The Wedding Caper. Winner will be announced Friday, September 26, 2014 at noon PDT.


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How To Stop The Gossip Monger – Even In Yourself

Proverbs 11:13 - How to stop the gossip monger - even in yourself

“Have you heard about Tony?” she whispered in my ear.

“Nooo…” I felt my stomach drop. I hadn’t heard about Tony and I didn’t want to hear what ever my friend prepared to share. But how could I stop it? What could I say without sounding like a jerk?

“Is this public knowledge?” I asked.

“Well no. She asked me not to tell anyone.”

“Oh, well then I don’t need to know. If Tony wants me to know, she’ll share it with me.” I turned and walked into the sanctuary to find my seat.

*How often are we able to shut down the gossip? I’d be willing to bet that it isn’t as often as you’d like. Being equipped to stop it before it gets going is an important skill to learn. I’m right there with you trying to figure it out and I’ll be honest, I need to learn to shut my own mouth as well.

I started digging into a new book that has really armed me with biblically solid examples, both in deflecting the start of gossip and convictions to shut my mouth so I’m not the gossip monger - and as soon as I decided to really focus on this, I failed miserably.

Stopping Words That Hurt by Dr. Michael Sedler is having a huge impact on my thinking – I am still a work in progress.

Plain and simple, gossip is wrong. We know that. We want to stop it but how?

Simple Sentences To Stop Gossip:

  • “Is this something so-and-so would want you to share with me?”
  • “Did Sally give you permission to share this with me?”
  • “Would you like to pray for so-and-so? Let’s let God handle this situation.”
  • “Oh there’s Sally, let’s call her over before we start talking about her.”

Do you struggle with gossip? It takes place whether you are the speaker or listener. Will you take a stand and learn to stop it before it starts? What other ways could you stop gossip in it’s tracks? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Proverbs 17:4

Linking Up with Missional Women for Faith Filled Fridays. Check it out!


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PS – I am writing this and sharing because I need accountability. I’m as guilty as the next with opening my mouth and letting negative talk come out and I HATE it.

*This post contains affiliate links. At no extra cost to you, I may receive a small compensation for your purchase. Thank you for supporting my family in this way.


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