You Are Not My Jesus

i see two roads

Humans are a bossy lot, aren’t we? Every single one of us wants things our way and some stick to the motto, “My way or highway”.

We are governed by rules and rule makers. But how do we know which rules to follow? Who gets to decide how you live your life?

Now, I’m not talking about about laws that we should all follow like; murder, stealing, etc. I’m talking about things that tend to fall into the gray areas so please don’t send me ugly messages.

For example, an author friend is getting hate mail because she is reading The Hunger Games. Or how about the many ugly arguments I see online about prayer, music, television, movies, homeschooling, social etiquette, clothing, alcohol, etc. The list goes on.

What offends you may not offend me and vice verse. That doesn’t necessarily mean one of us is right or wrong. What I feel convicted over, you may not feel convicted to avoid.

If Jesus meets us right where we are, who are we to judge someone else’s walk with Him? God tells us over and over in the bible that we are not equipped to judge others. My sin may look different than your sin, that doesn’t make us better than someone else.

If something is offensive to your nature by all means, you should avoid it but please don’t try to enforce your convictions on others. It’s not your job. You’re not my Jesus.

It’s one thing to say, “This is where I stand on this issue and this is why.” It’s completely a different monster to say, “This is where I stand and you better do it too.”  No one likes to be bossed around. We don’t. And when we feel pushed into a dark corner by a pointy finger, we tend to get our hackles up and plug our ears.

We need to treat each other with gentleness. When you are approached by someone with a gentle spirit, aren’t you more willing to hear them out even if you don’t come to the same conclusion they did?

Let’s calm it down already. Allow Christ to do the convicting of hearts. And if you really feel a conversation is needed, pray about it first and meet with a spirit that is gentle and also willing to listen. And then let it be. Prayer is powerful. Trust that God’s got it covered.

And if it’s over something that doesn’t really matter in the long run, let it go. For the sake of mercy, do not send hateful emails to fellow believers. You’re not their Jesus.

Have you ever had one of those arguments? Did you later regret it? What would you do differently in that conversation if you had it again?

Judge not, that you be not judged.  For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Matthew 7:1-2

Matthew 7:1-5

2 Timothy 4:1-5

Romans 14:12-13

Luke 6:37

In Him,


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  1. Wow, that was convicting. You’re right. There are somethings we should not even be arguing about. I need to remember this.

  2. The hunger games? Really? I do not understand why some Christians make such a stink over some things. I don’t get it. We will never attract non-believers to Jesus if we are being judgmental and mean.

  3. Really good post Mel. Reading a book, doing your job, enjoying your hobbies as long as they are not putting you in conflict with others or with your Lord shouldn’t be cause for other people to judge you. Good points.

  4. Well said, sister.

  5. …Mel, this should go down as a classic, and be reposted regularly! It was really good!

  6. …had to share it again today. I just love reading over and over.

  7. I think some people allow their passion to overtake them instead of inspire them. Passion can sometimes come across so brutal. May we all temper our words with grace (but me first, Lord.)
    Sisterlisa recently posted..Finding Value in Others

  8. Awesome…Timely… I needed it the most… thank you:)

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  10. -this is one of my ALL time favs!

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