You’re Already Amazing & Giveaway!

It’s easy to forget how amazing we are. All those intricate details the creator put into motion so that you could be alive are breathtaking when we sit down and ponder them.

And sometimes we can’t even manage to think about those things because we’re in the hole so down deep that the light no longer permeates the darkness. Tunnel vision sets in.

Constant reminders of how we are failing as women, wives, mothers, and friends can shovel on the shame. We can convince ourselves that all the blogs, magazines, and other Christian media sources have it all figured out. Those writers have the perfect hum-dinger life we’re all striving and hoping for.

But as Renee Swope’s friend so eloquently put it, we compare our insides with other people’s outsides. The showy part with the make-up, pretty clothes, and fancy jewelry. The part that isn’t 100% the real person.

Often times, what we’re seeing is the aftermath of a hardship. They’ve been through some tough stuff and come out better for it but without asking the questions and listening to the answers, we may never know how they got where they are.

Satan wants to make you question yourself. Doubt yourself. Beat yourself up. Because when we focus on what we’re not getting right, we stop focusing on the cross. Our eyes become downcast, when what they desperately need is to be looking up, basking in His glory and promises.

In order to help you bask in the Son light, I want to offer a giveaway for Holley Gerth’s new book, You’re Already Amazing.  I know you all likely need this message but I can only send out one book and I pray that the one who it will speak to the loudest, wins this one!

And, because I’d like to offer a blessing to more of you, I have an offer for anyone who wants/needs it. I have a huge stack of encouraging cards and a roll of stamps. I will snail mail anyone who fills in their mailing information, a real paper card with a personal message. Yes, you can include a friend or someone who needs a pick me up. Just click HERE to request one. US Residents only. Sorry 🙁

Now go enter for this amazing book! It’ll bless your socks off and if you don’t win, please, put it on your wish list and purchase it for yourself or someone else soon.

PLEASE NOTE: There are TWO mandatory entries. If you don’t do both, it disqualifies you. Don’t let that happen!

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With All My Love,


  1. I want this book for sure BUT need to also share it with my amazing friend Lauree. She is amazing but I know she does not believe it! She is a great friend to me! Now I think I might have to blog about her! I am sharing this on Facebook…and if I am feeling better (have been ill) I will try to blog about it and Lauree! Mel, thanks for all you do through your wonderful Blog!
    Dawn recently posted..Angry Wives Make Great Prayer Warriors

    • Dawn, thank you for always being such a faithful encourager! I can’t tell you what it means to me!

  2. You wanna know who’s awesome? Read the first word of this line again. 😉 -marc

    Someone’s list of 75 reminders for tough times ended with this..
    I couldn’t read them all I became overwhelmed and cried, walked away, took a nap.. I closed the tab too as if that shut it off more somehow. It’s definitely tough in the pit.
    I was exactly where your writing says I should not be yesterday, questioning, doubting, beating myself up.. Sad and angry and frustrated and confused.
    Little clearer headed today, picking myself up and dusting myself off and headed back up the ladder to daylight again.
    Those rungs are slippery and somehow I fell off.

    • You’re so not alone, Amy! Just keep climbing and trust that God will give you a firm footing. Thank YOU for encouraging ME 🙂

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