Who God Uses

Leave it to a mom to know when to call and say just the right thing at the right time. My mom called today, not knowing I’m having a rough time. Chronic headaches have left me feeling isolated and down.

The past few weeks have left me wondering if it’s going to ever get better. You know those days? I know the days will get better. They always do. We all have our rough times to get through and this seems to be that season for me. And I’m none too thrilled about it.

My mom is doing a Priscilla Shirer’s bible study and today Priscilla shared how when her mother was going to leave her with someone, she would get down on her knees, look her in the eye and tell her, “Priscilla, I am coming back for you. I won’t leave you, I will always come back for you. I will never forget you. I will never send anyone else in my place.”

That’s what God tells us. He’s coming back for us. He will never forget us. Never.

I needed to hear Priscilla’s message today. Perhaps you did too. God bless you dear friends. Let us not forget that.

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