Where’s The Grace? Roar!

You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. Matthew 7:5

We’re a celebrity obsessed society. I think it’s a sickness. Folks enjoy the juicy, hottest gossip about their favorite or most hated celebs. But what I see when a tabloid is splashed or People does a cover on a drama filled celeb, is sadness.

Kim Kardashian’s marriage that only lasted a few days. I don’t see it as crazy. I see a woman who has so much and is blessed beyond what most of us can imagine, and yet, she’s got a huge hole in her heart she’s trying to fill. She, like most women, wants the happily ever after and children. She wants to be loved and in love. Money can’t buy that. As a believer, I see her trying to fill the God shaped hole with people, which will never work.

Instead of tearing her down and being disgusted, what if we prayed for her? What if we extended the same grace we’ve so graciously been given?

Jamie Oliver came into our country to make changes in our school’s food system and make our kids meals healthier. Now he’s being blasted for having unhealthy recipes in his cookbook. Some are flabbergasted by this. He’s a chef, not a dietician. His cookbooks cover a multitude of recipes, they are not meant to be eaten every single day. But again, where’s his grace? Do folks know how long it takes to get a book published? Likely, his book was already in the works when he started the show here in the USA. Things happen, people change, let’s move on. Grace.

Ted Haggard appeared on Celebrity Wife Swap. Of course, famous because of his sex scandal a few years ago, he was ripped to shreds. Isn’t it sad when a family can pick up the pieces and a couple can mend their marriage and continue on doing God’s work and we can’t cheer them on for not giving up and divorcing?

What if we looked beyond what we initially see with everyone, not just celebrities, and see what’s really beneath the surface? We all make mistakes. And people will do crazy things when they are seeking to be loved, with or without money and fame.

Fame doesn’t somehow negate the God shaped hole in each person’s heart and it doesn’t mean we can turn our backs and shield God’s grace from sprinkling on their hearts because they’re in the public eye and making poor choices according to us.

Imagine your life under a magnifying glass for the world to see. Would your everyday Christian life always reflect Christ? What about before you knew the Lord?

Grace. A little word with an enormous impact. Imagine the lives we’d see changed if each of us prayed for these hurting souls when we see their latest tragedy splashed across the tabloids.

Grace. You’ve got it. Can you give it?

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  1. So true! It’s so easy to get caught up in gossip, whether it’s a celeb or those at church or community. I’ve seen a lot of negative attitudes about this stuff lately on Facebook and I wonder why Christians are involved in ugly conversations about others. Not a good witness.

  2. Tara@pohlkottepress

    this is so very true. I often wonder why it is we feel so justified in judging. I for sure would not wish that on myself or my family. Great post.
    Tara@pohlkottepress recently posted..Five Minute Friday: The Roar of Silence

  3. Amazingly powerful post Mel! You bring the grace straight home to the heart, and you and i are totally on the same page about the celebrity world some would love for us all to live in and support!
    Shanyn recently posted..Guest Post: A view on faith

  4. Doesn’t this drive you nuts? I’d love to see more stories about the charities these people are involved in and the lives they are helping! When I mess up, I’m so ashamed already. Can you imagine what it would be like to know the whole world is going to know? I would feel so defeated and I am sure the cycle of bad choices would just continue because I’d feel so bad about myself. I’m going to remember to pray each time I see a negative story about any celebrity.

  5. I see this a lot on Facebook and twitter. Those who proclaim Christ and then turn around and bash others. I wonder if they realize how hypocritical it seems or if they just don’t care?

  6. When I hear people gossiping, and they just “have to share” with me… I ask why do I need to know? Does it affect my life? If not, I’d rather not hear it, thank you!

  7. I totally agree with you on this, and would like to share something that God has been dealing with me about.
    I’ve often read stories about this one and that one and think, wow, if they could just have a taste of Jesus……but they would never pay attention to Him. With that thought in mind, I don’t pray for them as I should.
    After doing a little soul “digging” I realized I wasn’t praying for them because I figured they were just too far gone. ….and God said…whoa. So what you’re saying is it’s impossible for me?
    I’ve been guilty of this with EVERYONE. Friends, family, acquaintances, etc.
    “No, Suzy Q is just too far gone into this world. She would NEVER make the choice to live for God.”
    and God says to me, “Why not? You did.”

    • So true and it can be so hard to remember to do! I think we naturally tend to focus on the negatives and it takes practice and being conscious in order to really pray and be in the moment. And it’s easy to be distracted by all they have and not be jealous because we see them squander what God has blessed them with.

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