We’re Still Little Girls

PhotobucketJeremiah 1:5
“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart;
I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

We are still little girls.  Everyone of us has suffered some kind of pain and many of us are still those same hurting little girls.

If only we could see that in each other, maybe we wouldn’t be so quick to judge or attack one another. If you could see the person who really tramples your nerves, as a hurting child, would it bring about your compassion for her?

I know I am bruised from childhood, even scarred deeply.  I have had amazing healing from some of those oozing wounds but the scar tissue is deep.  Every once in a while that spot gets bumped and zing!  A reminder of  my hurt.

I’m still that fair skinned, freckle faced, frizzy haired child sometimes.  I’m still tromping around in my lonely self.  I had friends growing up but there was a lot of alone time at home.  I still find myself isolating because I am so used to being alone.

I still deal with feeling unsafe and unprotected.  More than anything, I have longed for someone to stand up for me.  To protect me and prove that I am worthy of being safe, secure, and treasured.  It can be a serious hang up.

My list could go on.  I bet yours could too.

The lesson I am constantly learning, over and over again, is that I AM loved, safe, secure, and treasured.  No human will ever fulfill that role because we are all broken in some fashion and it is not humanly possible.  That hole can only be filled by the One and Only, God.

Only His perfect love can fill that void.  We may not always feel it but that doesn’t make it less real.  We are promised that someday, we will always be in His perfect love.

For now, we need to be love to others.  The next time someone stomps all over your bruised toes, take a moment to realize, there’s something under the facade and quite possibly there is a hurting child beneath it all.  It might help you be a little more gentle in your response.  I know I need to work on this one!

Do you still carry around that hurt inner child?  Were you bullied?  Abused?  Neglected?

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Updated 8/10/2011


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