Halloween – To Do Or Not To Do?

Halloween Should Christians Participate?
It’s that time of year again. Where many of us start having that conversation about whether or not Christians should participate in Halloween and if so, to what extent.

The whole thing can turn into an ugly debate, which I can’t stand. Folks bat around bible verses like they are badminton birdies and lob them into the eyes of any who don’t agree with them. I don’t care how you dice it, if you are getting nasty, Christ is no longer present in the argument.

I’ve already read from one person who said that all tracts are thrown away and that those who participate are practicing another religion. I can testify that all tracts are in fact, not thrown away. I have a friend who accepted Christ because of a tract she received as a kid!

We do participate in Halloween to a degree. We get dressed up. We trick-or-treat our little neighborhood, and then we head to the church for the Harvest Party. We do not do scary costumes or decorations. The focus is on fun.

I grew up trick-or-treating and dressing up. It has always been about candy, having some fun with friends, and putting on a goofy costume – which I love! I was a thespian in high school – I was the costume designer and make-up gal. I LOVE getting dressed up!

I don’t believe we can practice another religion without acknowledging the religion and the act. You cannot be a Christ follower just because you hang out with Christians but never make a profession of faith or ask Christ into your heart and life. It’s a conscious decision we each have to make.

What other night of the year do people come to you? Think of the opportunities to witness and show our love to another. What if you prayed over each trick-or-treater?

Might I also suggest that satan does not own this day. He does’t own any day. God does. What if we chose to redeem this holiday? What kind of impact could that have in your community?

Where would Jesus have been on October 31? What do you think?

* I am not judging those who choose to stay home. I know some of you will read it that way, but from the bottom of my heart, that is not my intent. I’m just giving another side to think about and discuss.

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  1. This part of what you said resonates with me “Folks bat around bible verses like they are badminton birdies and lob them into the eyes of any who don’t agree with them. I don’t care how you dice it, if you are getting nasty, Christ is no longer present in the argument.”

    It all boils down to grace. The apostle Paul said not to judge people for their festivals, whether they do so or not, whether they eat certain foods or not, and whether or not they observe the New Moon or sabbaths. I firmly believe in the freedom Christ gives us to walk in this gift of grace and each family should make the decisions that are best for THEIR families.
    Lisa recently posted..Comment on How We Misunderstood the Protestant Harvest Festivals by Lisa

    • Yes!!! Love that! We are FREE! And we forget, satan has been defeated! So often I think we get caught up in our own feelings that we’ve made the “right” decision so if someone doesn’t agree, or doesn’t do it our way, we think they must think I’m doing it wrong. Not always true! I don’t operate that way and neither do so many. 🙂

  2. Christmas was considered a pagan holiday so what I’d like to know, is if those same Christians who frown upon Halloween celebrate Christmas. Most of them I bet do. I’m with you Mel. We participate to a degree and only in the fun things. I think Jesus would be OUT among the people. He wouldn’t shut his door and pretend it wasn’t going on.

  3. I think Jesus would be out with the people. He’d be teaching somewhere, healing people… We get so caught up in some dumb stuff. I don’t think Halloween is bad unless you make it that way. I think there should be limits on how you participate. We also don’t do scary costumes.

  4. We don’t participate in a demonic holiday and don’t believe other Christians should either. There is nothing good about this holiday. Why would you allow your precious children to participate in this disgusting holiday?

  5. We choose not to go out on Halloween because we have sensitive little ones who scare easily. I’m not really sure how we will handle Halloween yet. I participated as a kid. I never associated it with anything evil so I do think that kids can participate without it having horrible consequences. Thanks for talking about the other side of it.

    • I can totally understand that! I have a couple of more sensitive kids too and one that used to completely flip out at even a costume of an animal. I think we need to use wisdom and caution on Halloween but we can certainly participate without it being evil. We talk to our kids about the reasons others don’t celebrate and the reasons and ways others do and what is honoring to God and what is not. I think open communication with children is key. THanks for stopping by and commenting!

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