The Thing That Holds You Back

beggar Pictures, Images and PhotosAre you like the beggar in Acts 3? We all might be at times. Sitting at the temple gates begging for God – or anyone – to save us or help us.

We see Peter heal the beggar in Acts 3:6. The beggar immediately starts walking and enters the temple gates jumping and praising God. It’s a beautiful scene to be sure. He’s never been allowed inside the temple gates because he was crippled. The power of Christ healed him.

So, I ask you friend, what’s crippling you? Is it fear? Circumstances that seem overbearing? Pain? Depression?

We’ve got the power of Christ within us, at the tips of our fingers and tongues. As Joyce Meyers says, it’s a choice to focus on our problems or to focus on the the good things in our lives. When we stop talking and focusing on all our problems, it takes away their power over our lives. But it’s a choice.

Will we choose what we’ve always known? Sitting like the beggar each day at the temple gates, begging for what we believe our needs to be? Or will we claim the power of Christ over those things and jump and leap with praise?

We are free to enter the temple gates any time we please. Crippled? Heart broken? Depressed? Tired? Doesn’t matter, come on in! Claim it sister! It’s time to put those troubles in their place.

In Him,

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  1. Yes, our thoughts have mega influence over our emotions and outlooks.

  2. Mel,
    Great post. It reminds me of the story of the fat brother who couldn’t lose the weight to get out the door of his room. (
    We need to do the things we need to do to change, but focusing on the right things will make all the difference! Now, if only I could apply it to my own life!

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