This Is The Lord’s Day ~ Thanksgiving

thanksgiving about lordThe turkey is sliced and every delectable food item in place. Everyone gathered around the table. Smiling anticipating faces. Memories.

This is the stuff holidays are made of.

This moment. We’re thankful for it.

And sometime those years are mere memories. Present day leaves us longing for another time. Another place. Another person. Nostalgic.

When you can’t get together with your family. Focus changes to what you are missing out on. It becomes easy to become depressed.

And that’s when a little reminder hits me.

Thanksgiving is the Lord’s day.

It’s not about me.

When I remember that little tidbit, it puts things into perspective.

I’m not saying we can’t have a sad moment or two but let’s not stay in that place. Make a pact with me that we will focus our attention on Christ and let it flow from there.

Because someday we will enjoy the most blessed and amazing Thanksgiving anyone can imagine! And that right there is enough to sustain us!

Happy Thanksgiving friends! May your day be filled with smiles and making new memories.




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