The Little Gifts We Miss


I looked out over the new grass in our backyard. We’d laid sod weeks ago and the bright vibrant green of our yard bounced back at me.

I wish I had an old white picket fence in the back with flowers growing up all around it. That would be perfect.

It was a fleeting thought. I went about my day with the four kids.

That afternoon I watched my husband exit his car after a long day at work. Our elderly neighbor across the street waved him over. She often had little tasks she needed help with. I went back to preparing dinner.

When he came in the door, he said his hellos to the family and came in the kitchen.

“Ellen just asked me if I wanted some old white fence she has in the backyard. I told her I didn’t think so but I’d ask you.”

I nearly dropped the knife in my hand.

“Is it a white picket fence?”

“Yeah, why? You want it?” he asked.

“Yes, I do. Just this morning I was wishing I had a white picket fence for the back yard. To plant flowers in front of and block off the garden area to the kids and dog.” I rubbed my head. This was too weird.

“Okay, I’ll go back and tell her yes.” He headed back out the door and across the street.

‘Thank you, Jesus.” I whispered.

I had not prayed for this fence. I hadn’t shared my wish with my husband or even spoken the desire out loud. And yet, there it was. Wouldn’t you know, the fence was the exact fit to the area I had hoped to place it.

Do we miss other gifts we are blessed with? Do we overlook blessings that we merely hoped for or didn’t know we wanted?

He gives good gifts even when we don’t expect them.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this story! What a lovely blessing. I really needed to hear this today. I need to focus on all the little gifts sometimes instead of the big things that seem to loom over me right now.

  2. I love those small gifts! I once saw a necklace in the mall that I liked. I never said a word but guess what my husband got me for Christmas? That exact necklace. I love how God does things like this. The little unasked for gifts are such a huge blessing!

  3. God is always reminding us that he will provide, if we just ask. It may not be sour way or our design, but in this case you just happened to hit the jackpot!

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