That One True Friend

friendsmeltoddShe knows everything.

She’s part of me, woven deep within my heart.

Finishes the sentences that flow like water from the lips.

Knows the history as well as I do. Sometimes better.

Laughter shared over years, in tears and belly aches.

She can dare, challenge, and push; console, pull, and hug.

Comfort encompasses her company.

Walls crumble into an ocean wide with vulnerable.

A shared lineage of time and wonder.

Grasped hands point to the One who drew our hearts together,

To grow and become.

Ideas bounced in minds alike,

Prayers engulf and nudge.

And we tarry with a wink and a giggle,

Secrets tucked inside.

Friendship love braided deep,

Danced footsteps behind the Christ,

Who brought together and leads the way,

To the home where heaven paints.

A friend loves at all times Proverbs 17:17




To my best friend since young childhood, Memorie. Because God has tucked you so deep into my heart and I cannot imagine a life without your smile and warm heart. I’m blessed beyond belief to have a friendship like this. ♥

Photo credit: “Finding Love Or Girlfriend Shows Heart In Maze” by Stuart Miles at


  1. Love you!! Your words move me in so many ways…….I am just as thankful for you and our friendship!! God’s word is so true when it comes to friendship. Thank you for this today!!

  2. that was sweet!

  3. What a totally lovely and cool tribute to a friend…
    Shanyn recently posted..This love we have

  4. and a brother is born for adversity.
    My best friend is my brother that I met online in a chat room. How crazy is that? We have so much in common, he knows when I am hurting before I do. He came to Ohio from Texas because he knew I was in trouble. Thank God for you every day bubba.

  5. Mel, you described so beautifully what too few of us have the privilege of experiencing. Friendship is a priceless treasure and too often we don’t know what we have had until its gone. Beautiful words for a beautiful friend, thank you so much for sharing them with us.

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