Stop Killing Yourself – Made To Crave Week 1, Day 4

pix Pictures, Images and PhotosYOU have value to offer! Stop destroying your body. Stop. Right now. You are committing slow suicide and deep down, you know it.

I’m guilty. So very guilty of using food as my drug of choice. To have a party in my mouth, as Dr Phil puts it. But worst of all, and I hate admitting this but I’m going there, to hurt myself. To destroy in a way that is somewhat acceptable socially. It’s slow, deliberate suicide. And I’m not sure I can beat it. That freaks me out. What if I can’t stop it?

Can you relate? I’m deviating from the study a bit today to be totally real with you. I’m diving into this study because I desperately need it. I’m a great encourager. I can cheer you on and find motivational things to post and say. What I need for myself, is a community to help push me to do it too!

I know my addiction to food is dangerous. I know it. Deep down in the core of my being. It rakes it’s steely nails over my soul and taunts me. You can’t do it! Yes, chocolate does taste better than skinny feels. You’ll just gain the weight back. You’ll just quit anyway.

Does this sound at all familiar? Tell me I’m not alone.

If I had cancer, I would seek out the best possible treatment to save my life. If I get a bee sting, I treat the wound. Need surgery, find a local surgeon. Got fat? Keep on ignoring it. Until…

Are we waiting for that until moment? Until we have the heart attack? Until our children are grown and it’s too late to get out and run around with them? Until type 2 diabetes robs us of our feet or we have to start relying on insulin?

When is the until? When is enough, enough? When do we stop committing slow suicide and grasp for the Maker who can make us whole?

Is this book the solution? The end all? No. It’s not. Let’s be honest. But this book puts our focus back on the one who knows our struggles and created our beings.

Is it going to be easy? Are we all destined to win? I doubt it will be easy. In fact, each of us knows it’s going to be a hard battle. We can win this. Each of us. When we learn to focus not on when our next hit of chocolate is going to be and instead fall to His feet and beg Him to fill us with Him instead of food. We win. We win. every single. time.

Victory is ours, ladies! It is. The perspective will come. We need each other. To encourage. To pray together. To conquer.

You wouldn’t knowingly let a friend commit suicide. Don’t do that to yourself. Come along on this journey. Unhitch yourself from the liar and let’s get this show on the road.


It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1

Today’s Assignment:

  • Get honest. Share with others why you are embarking on this journey. To encourage someone else. For accountability. For Freedom. Leave a comment below. What’s your reaction to what I said today?

Today’s Fitness Tip:

  • Stand up! In the fitness world, we know that form follows function. Move your work area to a standing station, and after a couple weeks of adaption, your hips will be more open, your shoulders less rounded, and your core stronger and flatter! ~ Women’s Fitness Specialist, Bethany Learn of Fit 2 B Studio


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  1. You are definitely not alone here. I am taking a class called Lifetime fitness and wellness and our first assignment/project was to set a goal and see if you can reach it in 5 weeks. Well my goal was to exercise 3 x a week. About the 3rd week in I discovered its easy to do the exercises – I do them in my thoughts all the time. But the part thats hard is motivating myself and over coming the roadblocks. I have a week in a half but I’m not quitting, even if I haven’t reached the goal of 30 minutes from 15 I have learned its not as easy and I must believe I am worth it. ( side note I may just be adding my blog with assignments as soon as I do and catch up on them.)

  2. Wow. You are SO not alone. Things the enemy tells me all the time – “This tastes SO much better than being healthy feels.” “Everyone tells you how skinny you are, you can eat WHATEVER you want to.” “It doesn’t matter how this makes you feel in an hour, it tastes SO good RIGHT NOW.” “Who cares that you feel out of control when you eat something you swore you weren’t going to eat today, or in a quantity you swore you wouldn’t eat again, or it’s the THIRD time you’ve had it today?!?”

    For me this struggle isn’t about weight, it’s about control and choice. I believe the lie that I’m in control of my food choices. But how in control am I if I keep choosing poisonous foods? I know that this book is only a tool, but I pray that it’s the tool that I use to overcome with God’s help.

  3. Cathy Cunningham

    I have joined this bible study to put my cravings into something else other than food. Today’s lesson calling it a slow suicide hits home as I used to try to kill myself when I was a teen I hated home life and I guess that is where it got even worse. After I was able to move out and away from my father, I found out I wasn’t stupid and was happy I even lost 50 pounds over the summer to start my new high school to finish my senior year. That was my first attempt to like myself better, then other road blocks entered my life and again food was my friend or should I say silent enemy. I grew to be 400 pounds but then 3 years ago I decided I was worth it and had lost 136 pounds I was so happy to be under
    300 pounds I was getting happy again, but then I had it that my weight loss would open doors to have a relationship and maybe find another husband after my first one died, but after 11 years I am still single so I got back into my depression and was thinking there is some thing really wrong with me am I really unloveable, still really ugly, I began starting to lose control again. so finding this study I am hoping and praying God will help me overcome and let me lose at least another 50 pounds.

    • Cathy, you know I Love you! We can fight this together, face-to-face 🙂 You are worthy! God has you here for a reason.

      “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me. In my Father’s house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you.And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.” John 14:1-3

      Jesus wouldn’t go prepare a wonderful place for you if you didn’t have worth.Think on that.

  4. Mel, everything you have said in this post rings true for me also. Will it take a heart attack, or diabetes, for me to change? Would I even be able to change then, or would I allow myself to continue down this suicidal path? My beloved mother died of lung cancer due to smoking. I don’t smoke and I regret with all my hearty that she “killed herself” in this way and missed seeing her grandchildren grow up (and some of them even being born). Yet, will I follow her to the grave with a food addiction in the same suicidal way? Thanks for sharing so courageously. This is serious stuff.

    • Steph, my Dad died of lung cancer too and lately, I’ve been wishing I could tell him I get his addiction. He was also an alcoholic. And we begged, cried, and pleaded for him to get help and stop. And I get it.

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