Should Valentine’s Day Only Be About You and Your Love?

Serve The Forgotten on Valentine's Day

On Valentine’s Day we do something a little different. For hubby and I, the holiday is not a big deal. We don’t really care one way or another.

But I have a challenge for you.

Make Valentine’s Day not completely about you and your spouse/significant other or kids.

Who do you know that doesn’t have someone to celebrate with? A widow? A single friend? The homeless… You get the idea. Who needs to be shown LOVE?

Start there. I have a few ladies I know who are widows. Our old neighbor sees no one on V-Day. Her kids don’t come by. Her husband has long since passed. No grandchildren stop by. How sad. She feels forgotten.

I used to wait until she left and sneak over to leave her something on Valentine’s Day. Anonymously. A teddy bear. Some chocolates. A card. Something to remind her she is still loved on Valentine’s Day. Still thought of by a most high God. Even when she doesn’t feel it.

Each year, I spend time thinking about who and how I am going to be a little surprise blessing. I am sharing this with you, to give you the opportunity to re-think your own traditions.

We are called to love one another. We cannot forget others on Valentine’s Day. As believers, we simply cannot do that. As human beings, we cannot.

I leave you with the challenge to love on someone new this year. Someone who feels forgotten, whose heart longs for someone to love them.

Will you do it? Who will you show love to tomorrow? Are you willing to even sacrifice your own celebration for someone else to feel loved? To not feel forgotten…

The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.‘  There is no commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:31




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  1. Any ideas for a recent widower and the children? I want to do something for them but not sure what to do.

    • Hmm… Take them some cookies, a cake, dinner, or you could get pricier and buy a gift card to the movies or a dinner location? I bought chocolates and a stuffed animal and I’m going to decorate her front door while she’s at work. A pot of flowers would be fun too.

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