Secret Sisters

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. 1Thes 5:11

Have you ever participated in a Secret Sister event?  You are given a name of someone you likely don’t know and for a specified amount of time, you buy little trinket gifts and leave them anonymously for her.  There is usually a fun reveal party where you finally find out who is your Secret Sister.

I hope you have a few real life secret sisters.  Not just the ones where you have to exchange monetary gifts with but the kind of secret sister you share your secrets with.  You know the ones.  Your best friend maybe her.  She might be your only but I hope not.  I hope you have a secret sister that you can spill your guts to.  Share your fears with and cry with.

I have quite a few of those.  I know I’m blessed that way.  It’s a good thing I have so many because well, I think one person’s shoulders would seriously droop to the floor if they had to know all my inner most turmoil, guilt, shame, and fears.

When depression hits, I have friends I know I can go to.  When Satan starts to attack, I know who to cry to for instant prayer over me!  I hope you have at least one of those secret sisters in your life.  They come in all forms and sometimes, even in online friendships.

We women need those secret sisters because some burdens you just can’t carry alone.  When you get lost out in the woods, a secret sister can help steer you back towards home.  If you have a special secret sister, remind her today how much you love and cherish her!

Melinda Todd

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  1. what a beautiful space you have here, friend… so calming, so full of his spirit.
    emily wierenga recently posted..becoming my mothers mother over at a deeper story today

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