Scentsy Warmers Friday Reviews!

It’s Friday!  Yay!  And that means it’s review day!

I was asked to review a Scentsy warmer by star consultant, Dawn Lewis.  I have always wanted to try some Scentsy products.  I’ve smelled them in homes and even in a teacher’s classroom but I thought they were expensive (but they really aren’t, I will explain further).  So when Dawn approached me to review a mid-size warmer for her, I said absolutely!

This is the one I chose.  Their warmers are very attractive and with the amount of choices, one will match your decor.

Then I chose a bar to make the house smell awesome!  My choice: sentimental cider.  Yum!  Turns out it was a great scent.  My house smells fantastic!  Not chemically like room sprays (which I hate btw) but like a warm homemade cider.

So let’s get down to price.  I’m frugal.  I have to be, I have four kids.  I won’t spend money on expensive scented candles because it feels wasteful. But I want my home to smell nice.

The mid-size warmers are about $25 which seems like a good chunk of change.  It’s not really if you look at it long term.  Some of you buy a certain name brand candle that costs almost as much but the candles are disposable so you have to replace them every so often.  That gets expensive.  So $25 is an investment because you shouldn’t have to replace the warmer unless it gets broken.

The bars are $5 and come in 80+ scents.  $5 is less than scented candles and last much longer.

Here is what the bars look like.

The bars come contained in a resealable plastic container.  You pop one little square out and place it in your warmer.  If you want to change the scent, you simply pour the melted wax back into packaging and it will harden and reform to the packaging.  Wipe out the warmer with a paper towel and add a new scent.  Easy and you don’t throw out any of your wax!

I have been using my warmer for over a month now, everyday.  I have only used two squares from my Scentsy bar.  So a $5 bar can last a long time!  I can handle that price.

So instead of buying a room spray or scented candle, try Scentsy.  You won’t be disappointed.  Dawn’s a fantastic consultant and I have enjoyed working with her.  When you order from her, let her know I sent you (I’m not compensated for the referral)!

You can also visit her Facebook Page and like her 🙂

Melinda Todd

*Disclaimer*  I was given a free product to review.  No monetary compensation was received.  The opinions stated above are my own and I only endorse products that I honestly believe my readers will enjoy.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.


  1. Mel I am so glad you are enjoying your warmer! Thank you for the review and I certainly look forward to helping you and your readers with any Scentsy needs in the future. Oh…and we actually have over 80 scents to choose from in several different categories…Favorites, Spring & Summer, Romance, Scentsy Man, Spa, Corner Cafe and Tropical and every month we come out with a new warmer and new scent. Thank you again!

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    • I do, I love it! Oh i corrected the number of scents and i will add in your facebook link 🙂

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