Saturday Morning Confessions Vol6

  1. I don’t chew my nails. I once heard someone talk about how much grime (and even fecal matter) gets under the nails and isn’t washed clean by simply washing your hands. Ewww… I’ve never been a nail biter but that cinched it for me.
  2. There is a thick protective layer of dust on my furniture right now.
  3. Mtn Wears-A-Lot is taking over my bedroom currently. Why is folding laundry such a daunting task? Perhaps because it is NEVER ending.
  4. We’re going through some struggles right now that really, really suck. Would love prayers.
  5. I LOVE road trips. I really wish we could afford one right now but gas prices keep us home.
  6. I love camping, especially with another family. I’m ready for the rain to stop so we can go! Tent camping in the rain = no bueno.

What are your confessions this week?

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  1. 1. I DO chew my nails. Thank for that encouragement to stop.
    2. I also have a protective layer of dust on my furniture. I also have a layer of cat hair for extra protection.
    3. I HATE folding laundry. Usually by the time I get around to folding it, I’ve worn half of what was washed and it’s time to do laundry again.
    4. I will pray for you and your family. Please pray for me.
    5. I LOVE roadtrips and am dying to take one. Unfortunately, like you, the cost of gas is prohibitive. As is the fact that my car is in it’s last days.
    6. I discovered the joys of camping just a few years ago. Due to circumstances, I wasn’t able to go at all last year. I REALLY, REALLY want to go ASAP and hope the aforementioned gas and car problems won’t prevent is this year.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. 1. Dust also protects my furniture.
    2. My kitchen table looks like Office Depot threw up all over it.
    3. I weed my garden for stress relief. I have an abundance of both.
    4. I am anxious to retire so I can stop spending time with 150 kids I’m not related to and be with the five I birthed.
    5. I have a pen obsession.
    6. I spend too much time in virtual reality.
    Christa Allan recently posted..MEET JULIE CAROBINI and her stories filled with faith- flip flops- and waves of grace

    • #6 – me too! 🙂 And I NEED to go weed my flower beds etc but haven’t been able to force myself to actually do it!

  3. 1 I also have a layer of dust holding down my table tops
    2 I have more books then I have shelves
    3 I’m afraid to go into an office supply store because I wont come out with fewer then 10
    things I DONT need
    4 I spend way to much time on line
    5 I keep clothes that no longer fit.
    6 I will turn the t.v on just to hear another human. ( even though they are scripted and not
    talking to me
    Debi recently posted..For Just A Moment

  4. 1. There are times when I honestly don’t like people. (I work in retail.)
    2. I have a messy home waiting YEARS (literally) for renovations to be worked on.
    3. I have only cooked a handful of meals in the past 6 years, thanks to my children and homeschooling.
    4. Chocolate is NOT my favourite thing.
    5. I have had a complete wardrobe change over the past 3 or so years.
    6. I struggle with self-discipline – daily.
    Melody recently posted..poor management

  5. My confessions:
    1. I do not bite my nails but I chew the skin off beside them..I know I know…gross!

    2. I LOATH folding laundry…so I make my 11 yr old daughter fold it all.

    3. I am so addicted to Facebook, coffee, and post-it’s that I probably need intervention! (ask Melinda…LOL)

    4. I was beyond blessed to wittiness a friend’s blessing come into this world for the first time just last week.

    5. I forget to Thank God EVERY single day for the blessings I have.

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