Saturday Morning Confessions Vol4

Our weekly dose of confessions 🙂

  1. I can’t stand when dogs lick or nose you. Those videos of dogs licking their owner’s mouth make me feel sick. Ick, ick, ick!
  2. I have terrible anxiety but I hide it really well.
  3. I enjoy having my kids go to school and am thankful to not homeschool anymore.
  4. I love going to the movies.
  5. I lettered as a thespian in high school.
  6. I had my first “boyfriend” in 4th-5th grade, which means he checked the yes box and sometimes we played together at recess and rode bikes together after school. LOL!


  1. I love your confessions… Especially the not homeschooling anymore… My confession is I totally agree with that! Amen!

  2. I miss homeschooling my children now that they are grown and sometimes wish I could have a do-over.
    Melody recently posted..Mothers Day 2011

  3. Cold pizza and milk is the breakfast of champions as far as I’m concerned (thought I don’t have it often)
    After nearly 9 years of marriage, my husband still makes me weak in the knees just by walking in the door
    Cleaning is theraputic for me
    I’ll take outdoors over indoors ANY day
    I actually DO pray in my closet


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