Saturday Morning Confessions

Starting a new Saturday series and joining Melissa for her weekly Saturday Confessions on A Familiar Path 🙂

My Saturday Confessions:

1.  I hate, hate, hate when my husband is gone over night.  I am a humongous fraidy-cat.  Seriously.  I will leave almost all the lights on in the house and leave my bedroom door open and sleep very little.

2.  I really, desperately want a small dog.  I miss my little shitzhu, Chloe.  We’re dog-sitting our youth pastor’s two mini-schnauzers this weekend.  I love them!

3.  I never really thought I’d be a “dog person” – I love my cats but I am allergic to them.  Go figure.  I am careful about washing my hands after petting and not touching my face or eyes.

4.  My boys have drawn all over their bedroom walls 🙁  All that work of painting and they’ve totally destroyed them but I don’t want to paint them again if they’re just going to ruin them again.

5.  I thought the first Twilight movie was stupid and I won’t watch any of the rest.

6.  I really dislike vampires anyway.

7. Printing my book and putting it up for sale makes me feel very insecure. It really puts me out there for criticism and I don’t do super well with that. Especially with such a terribly personal story. And I hope people truly understand the purpose behind the writing of this little booklet.

8. I really hope that someday, I will get to share my story with women in person and then be able to hug them!

9.  I am afraid to tell people what God has laid on my heart in relation to my book and helping women in this area because I worry they will think I’m nuts, unqualified, etc.   Or that I will share it and it won’t happen and I’ll look like a fool.

10.  I am apparently a very insecure person, especially in the area I feel the Lord is leading me.

Do you have any confessions?  Feel free to share 🙂

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  1. you wrote a book! that’s awesome. you should be so excited.

  2. Have you considered painting their walls with chalkboard paint? Then they could draw all over them 🙂 I think (scratch that) I KNOW Satan uses all our insecurities to attack us where we’re most vulnerable. And if you feel your being led by God in one area Satan will try everything he can to squelch that!

    Confession: I ate the last piece of chocolate in the house 🙁

    well except the baker’s chocolate and I’m thinking maybe…

    • LOL at the baker’s chocolate. Hmmm i’ve had that thought before too. You know, I may do some chalk board paint because I do have one artist in the house. I have some of the black paint for that too. Ironically, it’s clearly not his art work on the wall 🙂

  3. Let’s see if this helps your confidence level where God is concerned. God used your blog to speak to me a few days ago. I was new to your blog and thought it fantastic! ….one of your friends posted your link on a comment of hers she left on the Very Worst Missionary’s blog. Anyway, I was struggling with an issue and as is my daily routine, was browsing through the VWM’s blog and yours, and BADDA BOOM! A word from on high!! So keep writting sister!!

    I believe God can and will, but not for me.

    • Angie,
      That definitely made my day! Thank you for the encouragement! And as you can see, I understand your confession. There’s part of us that knows that’s not true but then there’s that other insecure part that says, “Yeah but….”

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