Put ‘Em Up, Put ‘Em Up!


We’ve all been there.  You’re out with a friend and one of “those” topics comes up and you both get heated.  Or one of you gets heated while the other remains calm and quiet.

It’s so hard to be quiet when you seriously disagree with something being said.  What have we got to gain by getting into someone’s face about those taboo subjects?  I mean, do we want the right to say, “Neaner neaner.  I’m right and you’re wrong!”

Or are we really trying to win them over to our side?

I think most of us honestly fight to be right.  I know I do and please know, I am just as guilty as anyone of opening my mouth when I shouldn’t have.

I want you to think of someone you really respect.  Why do you respect them?  I’m guessing one reason is because of the way they handle themselves and difficult situations.   They remain calm and collected and don’t take what ever is going on personally.  Or if they do, they hide it really well.

I told you I don’t like confrontation.  Depending on the situation, I tend to get quiet when I know what I am going to (or want to) say is going to offend (and totally depends on who it is).  That can be a good thing but not always.  I often walk away wishing I had said “this” or “that”.

How should we respond in these tough situations?  James 1:19 says we are to be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry.  That’s not easy to do!  Especially when it comes to something we are passionate about.

It’s important to decide ahead of time, which subjects you are willing to put your throat out there on and why.  Are you fighting for a cause that is important and is vital or are you arguing so you can prove that you are right?  If it’s to be right, I would urge you to memorize James 1:19 and decide that it’s time to put a clamp on your tongue.  Visualize the person you admire and practice how they handle a situation.

It takes practice and you won’t always make the right choice.  We are humans after all and our sin nature comes so easily but that doesn’t mean we give up trying.  Once you have decided to tackle this, you will be given plenty of opportunities to put it into practice.  I am going to go find myself a clothes pin for my lips now

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”   Abraham Lincoln

*Photo courtesy of my brother, Micah, Desert Dog MMA fighter.

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  1. James is one of my favorite books of the Bible, even though it hurts. I have been guilty of sparking many fires with my tongue (ch. 3)…so this is definitely a good and needed reminder to me.

  2. I remember the last heated discussion was with an atheist guy. As a Christian I felt I had to stand my ground for my faith. When all said and done this guy believed that I only wasted my time on him. But whether he knew it or not, he got a ear full of why he needed God in his life and he will never forget our conversation. This is one thing I felt I should not back down on for Christ.
    Paul Cheng recently posted..Calm before the Storm

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