Punished for Eve’s Sin?

Moving through the stages of grief can be tough. When I finally decided to face my abuse, I had to do a lot of grieving for the losses of so much. One of the stages of grief, is anger. It’s an ugly but necessary step.

Two questions I had for God:  why are we all being punished for Eve’s bad choice? Why does all of mankind have to be tortured because of Adam and Eve choosing disobedience?

God smacked me right between the eyes with the answer one day. It was humbling.

I’m no better than Eve. No better.

If the weight of the world had been put on my shoulders, I would have failed too. Stings a little.

I have fallen into temptation. I still do. I’m no better and I wouldn’t have done better.

This aha moment changed my thinking and changed my focus. When I realized I can’t focus and stop with the story of Adam and Eve, (which I wrote about yesterday, Questioning God), there was relief. My anger dissipated and I moved forward in healing.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10

Have you had a God revelation? Share it in the comments. Someone else might need to hear it!


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  1. This is a great post, a wonderful door opener and conversation starter. My post from yesterday on Strawberry Roan is one of those as well…I read a verse and it became so much more to me than I had ever known.

    Bright blessings!


  2. Oh I have thought these very questions but I have never thought about the fact that I would fail too. That’s a revelation Mel! Thank you. The next time I start to feel that way, I will remember this. God’s doing good work through you!!

  3. HI Mel, and everyone!

    I have come to that conclusion as I have walked with God too. It is a truth we must all admit to go deeper into God for the healing we need.

    Just now I had a revelation from Holy Spirit about my life and my walk with God/Jesus. I realized that the torment that I experienced at the hands of my family tormentors wasn’t on purpose by them to destroy me (everything is not about me) it was about them doing what was best for them, in spite of me. It wasn’t a personal agenda they had to hate on me and ruin my life, it was the actions of others doing what they wanted to for their own life, to make it better for them.
    Hopefully we will all receive forgiveness at the time of judgement for this selfishness, for I am just as guilty. I don’t need to feel wounded anymore. When I can stop blaming them, I can accept Gods love and healing, and, I can understand “do good to those who spitefully use you”.

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