Planning ~ Made To Crave Week 2, Day 2

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.
John 8:36

I loved Lysa’s description of wishing for a pretty flower bed and seeing the older man out working in his flower garden and her longing for it. And then the epiphany that this man has to work for what he wants! How often do we see an attractive, healthy shaped woman and wish we looked like her? Maybe that’s just me but it happens a lot. Just yesterday, we were at a fourth of July parade and I found myself doing this as I scanned the crowd.

I have the desire but I don’t want to put the work in to it. I will admit it. Guilty! Here I see these women and I long for what they have. No idea to their back story or how much they sacrifice or work for being healthy and – let’s face it- cute! So what’s a girl to do?

Make a plan. A blueprint to healthy. What does that look like? For me, that’s going to be a map of low carb eating because I have type 2 diabetes. What my plan looks like for me personally, will not likely look like your plan. But without a plan of action, we’re sinking. Failure is around the corner.

I’m not talking a plan in your head. Those pep talks don’t work. If they did, we wouldn’t be doing this study. God gave us a written plan with the Bible. He doesn’t just whisper nice things in our ears and hope we make changes. Instead, He’s given us an official book to read, again, and again, and again. When life gets tough, we can pull out our Bibles and read and soak up the truth.

What does that look like as we journey toward health? Let’s get out our journals and start mapping our plan. No gimmicks. No fads. Just healthy eating. Make a list of healthy foods you enjoy. And then see if you can’t find some healthy recipes to incorporate those foods. Try to plan what you will eat for the next few days or week.

If we have a food plan and know what we are going to eat at each meal and snack and then prepare those food ahead of time, we take the guess work out of it all. Fast food will not tempt us – as much – when our healthy ‘fast food’ choices are already in the fridge, ready for us to grab and eat.

Just like the gardener, we need to plot how we are going to succeed. We prep and then we start doing the work. As we continue to do the work, we will start to see the results.

Today’s Assignment:

  • Plan – get out your journal and make a plan of action. Write down your favorite healthy foods and work them into your menu.
  • Map out your foods for every snack and meal for the next few days.
  • Go for a walk. Even if it’s only around the block.

Today’s Fitness Tip:

  • Let go of the six-pack! Do you really want a chiselled gut with bulging veins that is so rock hard your kids can’t snuggle into you? I don’t. You can be strong yet soft. You can be healthy without being hard. Read more here… click!  ~ Women’s Fitness Specialist, Bethany Learn of Fit 2 B Studio

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  1. Because I’m gluten,msg and dairy intolerant my plan includes fresh fruits and veggies as well as reading labels to see what’s gf(gluten free) or if a meal must include these foods I am home to eat them, but since eating these foods are fatal to my health I work hard to stay as gf, msg, and dairy free as I can or I do without. my health is more important them that food that will harm me. I just got back from the store with lots of fruits and veggies as well as GF selections for the rest of the week/month. ( I shop a month at a time)

  2. I found you through The Humble Homemaker. God bless you.

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