My path often looks like a pinball game.

Shooting for the high score,

shot back down by a blocker.

Starting over.

Seeking anew.

Wondering which fork in the path to take.

Will this finally be the one?

The one that leads to success?

New friends?

Refreshed life?

When it’s good it’s so easy to stay positive and focus my eyes heavenward.

When it’s bad; eyes downcast, heart aching, spirit dragging along behind like a shadow.

To follow, the path is narrow and daunting when human opinions collide.

My eyes focus forward, onward, upward.

He lights my path with light but I must seek to see it.


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  1. Yes, the seeking part. Sometime I just want things to fall from the sky. I forget to seek.

  2. Beautiful post. It’s so true, isn’t it? When it’s good, it’s easy. It is when it’s not good that we have to try harder to see the light on the path.
    Nancy recently posted..Five Minute Friday – Path

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