My Favorite Things For Painting and Digital Art

My Favorite Things For Painting and Digital Art by Mel’s Doodle Designs

My favorite painting tools

Painting will be more productive and fun with the right tools!

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Color wheel! Do you know what colors go best together? Do you know how to mix your colors to get the right shade? Did you know you don’t use black to darken something, but instead the color opposite on the color wheel? These are handy for home decor too! Get yours here:

Pallet knives are a fun and easy way to get amazing texture in any painting! Get them here:

DecoArt Acrylics with Gold tops! Get them here:

My favorite acrylic paints! Master’s Touch Acrylics. Find them here:

Brushes! They’re kind of important! I like a variety. Get them here:

Canvas – grab them here:

Liquitex gel medium – this product will make tour acrylics go further while also adding amazing texture to your paints. Grab some here:

My favorite digital art tools

Apple iPad Pro – grab it here:

Apple pencil – get one here:

Pencil caps – these are a must have, get them here:

This iPad case is sturdy, has a solid stand, and a pocket for your pencil. Snag one here:

And of course my Floral coloring book! It’s not just for spring! Grab it here!

Skillshare classes! I am always learning. I used to find videos on youtube but skillshare has so many more classes to offer and it’s easy to find good teachers. Get your first TWO months free here:

These items are sure to get you on your way to creating fun and beautiful art!

What are some of your favorite things?

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