Move On and Break Away Lesson With Free Coloring Page


Move on colored lettering  page by Mel’s Doodle Designs

You’re not only a new creation in Christ but you’ve been set free. Until you decide to move on from things that have hurt you, you’ll continue to live stuck. It’s not a gentle message, but it’s the truth. 

If God says you are set free, He means it. Now it’s time to dig in deep with him and uncover some of the yuck that holds you back and lean into God and all He has to offer you. It’s beyond what you can imagine for yourself. He wants better for you. He wants you to be whole. Secure. Safe. Held. Comforted. Protected. Peace filled. Love spilling from your cuts. 

Use this free coloring page, Move On, to spend some time asking the Lord to reveal to you where you need to let go and move on. Write down any word He gives you, scriptures, personal messages, words, etc. Then focus on those new things. Invest in yourself because you are worth it. *Feel free to share on the Facebook page if you would like to share what you discover. 

You can trust that if God asks you to unpack something, He’ll be there with you to work through it.

And then my sweet friend, move on. Leave it at the foot of the cross and do not allow yourself to pick it back up. It’s useless to your growth now. Refuse to think about it or give it any further attention. It’s time in your life is up.

Move on.

Move on free printable coloring page by Mel’s Doodle Designs

click on the image to be taken to the free printable pdf. Please do not remove my copyright from my artwork. Thank you. Feel free to hit that share button and don’t forget to pin it so you don’t lose it for later!

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